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A professionally trained horticulturalist, Stephanie of The Blue Daisy Floral Designs loves to spread joy though the magic of flowers.  Creating stunning, fresh floral arrangements is what she considers to be her own way of making the world a happier, more beautiful place.  Blending her unique mix of education and experience with your wedding day vision, Stephanie curates flowers that are organically chic, abundantly colorful and textural, and dripping with romance.  What she considers just as important as the finished products, though, is the experience you have while working with The Blue Daisy.  A sole focus on event florals allows clients to receive undivided, personalized attention, resulting in pleasant interactions that actually get you excited about wedding flowers!  Centerpieces, altar arrangements, boutonnieres, bouquets, and even flower crowns…Stephanie's creativity and skill are endless.  While a bride will always be the star of a wedding show, anything from The Blue Daisy comes in a very close second!

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Tell me a little bit about your business!

We are a full time, full service wedding and event floral studio that began humbly in my parents' basement in 2011.  Since then, we have grown into a design space in the North Hills, hired talented staff, and are now executing 50+ weddings and events each year.  We do only weddings and events – no retail.  While we are a busy little studio always teeming with gorgeous blooms, our major focus is on creating a personal and positive experience for our clients.  This is a business grown from love and started from a desire to spread joy with flowers.

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

As a master florist and professionally trained horticulturalist, I'm deeply passionate and committed to one thing: designing beautiful arrangements with the highest quality flowers available to make your Blue Daisy Wedding Experience a total dream.  As the primary designer at The Blue Daisy, I utilize my unique creative skills and merge them with your unique wedding vision.  To provide this creative experience, I prefer not to be distracted with running a retail flower shop.  That's why when you come to work with me and my team at The Blue Daisy flower studio, your wedding will have our undivided attention.  I'll connect with you myself to understand your unique vision so we can create your own special blend of wedding day magic.  We pride ourselves on being meticulous when it comes to physically constructing your wedding florals.  Plus, you have my promise that you won't see your bouquet on Pinterest next week in another bride's hands!  My education and experience allow me to create beautiful boutonnieres, centerpieces, and bouquets for my brides.  But it also gives me a way to make my corner of the world a happier and more beautiful place through the power of flowers.

What is your ideal client like?

Our couples are excited about the flowers for their wedding and are looking for something creative and unique.  They want to have a wonderful experience planning their big day and they desire to work with vendors who are just as enthusiastic about their wedding as they are.

Where did you get the name “The Blue Daisy Floral Designs” and why is your logo purple, not blue?

The Blue Daisy name has a very personal connection to me.  When I first began college, I chose to study social work as my major.  For years, I wanted to better the world by working with children and families in need.  When I started taking my first class and learning more, I found out that, unfortunately, I just did not have what it took for that calling.  It takes an amazing, strong soul to do that work and I did not feel I could be as effective as I thought in the ways that I wanted.  So I made the decision to follow my other passions – flowers and business.  That meant I had to transfer schools.  My suite mate, who I had become closer to and who was also a social work major said to me, “If you're going to leave here to study horticulture, you have to make me a blue daisy because my favorite color is blue and my favorite flowers are daisies.”  This always stuck with me.  Though I was not good at plant genetics (and no true blue daisy exists in nature), when it came time to name my business, I knew this connection had to be made.  The Blue Daisy reminds me of one of my core business values – to make a difference in the world with flowers.  So that is what I try to do.  Whether it is giving away extra blooms to someone who needs a little smile, taking flowers to women receiving cancer treatments, or being a smiling, reassuring face as I hand a bouquet to a nervous bride on her wedding day, flowers are my small way of doing social work and making the world a better place.

Oh, and my logo is purple because I love irony and blue would just be too obvious. 🙂

Why do you do this?

Because I absolutely love it.  I truly believe in the power of flowers and feel blessed with the opportunity to share it with couples on the most important day of their lives so far.

What is your approach to floral design?

My style tends to stem from landscape design principles since horticulture and gardening are where I got my start.  I like to blend colors and textures and create flow and movement just as a landscape architect would do when designing the garden of an English country home.  But really, the style cues begin with my couples and the feelings they are looking to evoke on their wedding day.

Is there a style of bride or wedding that you work best with?

While I've done them, I do not generally lean toward a super modern (geometric, clean lines) style.  Brides who describe their style as romantic, vintage, classic, fresh, etc. tend to get me all excited.  Of course, anytime a bride gives me some parameters such as colors, a style, and a favorite (or not so favorite) bloom and says to “be creative”, that's when I can do my best work!

What other items do you offer?

Our consultation room is full of amazing rental pieces from the small to the tall, clear glass, gold, silver, mercury glass, metal, and more.  We have multiple sizes and styles of candles, several large urns and pedestals to choose from, and we recently had local Pittsburgh iron/metal artists make us a custom wrought iron chuppah and arbor that we are over the moon about!  You can check out our Pinterest board to see much of our selection.  We are always acquiring new and different pieces and also have access to rental houses where we bring in unique pieces that we may not have in stock.

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