Burgh Brides Pittsburgh Wedding Planning Downloads

Downloadable Planning Resources for Engaged Pittsburgh Couples

Comprehensive guides, checklists, templates, and worksheets that will help you go from frazzled fiance to stress free soonlywed faster than you can say “cookie table”.

Yes, please!

Your engagement is supposed to be one of the most special times of your life. The only problem is that you feel like you can hardly enjoy it because planning a wedding is a daunting nightmare, right?

With our tools, it doesn’t have to be.

Burgh Brides Pittsburgh Wedding Planning Downloads

Raise that diamond-encrusted left hand if you are newly engaged and:

  • Are completely overwhelmed by the idea of planning your wedding
  • Have no clue where to begin or what to do next
  • Have wasted hours on the internet only to still be confused or misinformed
  • Have grown to resent your wedding because planning it is just too damn hard (We thought this was supposed to be fun?)

It’s not that planning a wedding is easy exactly (it totally isn’t). It’s just that you have to have the right tools and information to feel knowledgeable, organized, and empowered throughout the planning process.

We’ve got just the things.

Burgh Brides' 10 Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding

10 Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding

The Ultimate Getting Started Guide for the Newly Engaged


This in-depth, 56-page starter kit will help you kick off your wedding planning journey confidently. After that shiny sparkler is slipped on your finger, it can be hard to know what to do first. Our getting started guide will walk you through some of the toughest yet most crucial first steps and decisions that will influence your entire wedding.

You’ll love the…

  • Priority matrix to help you determine what’s really important, what’s kind of important, and what’s not important at all
  • List of anticipated expenses to help you nail down a realistic wedding budget
  • Tips for discovering and executing your wedding style (because it’s more than just a color palette!)
  • Timeline of what vendors to hire and when (spoiler alert: it’s probably earlier than you think)


What Others Are Saying

“Wedding planning felt SO exciting…until I realized just how much time and organization it required. It can be so difficult to know where to start, but this download outlines everything so clearly!”

– Olivia, bride-to-be

“My mind was all over the place when I first started thinking about my wedding, but this resource reminds you that flowers and cake flavors don’t come first, setting a budget and finding a venue do.”

– Samantha, bride-to-be

“When you first get engaged, you start looking at all the different aspects of wedding planning. These 10 steps help you zone in on one thing at a time.”

– Becca, bride-to-be

Burgh Brides' Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

An 18-Month Checklist That’ll Take You from “Yes!” to “I do!”


At 60 pages, this to-do list will make sure you don’t forget anything between getting engaged and sending wedding thank you cards. In an easy-to-follow, month-by-month format, this timeline will ensure your wedding planning journey starts on track…and stays there.

You’ll love the…

  • List of pros and cons of both a long and short engagement (because there is no one-length-fits-all!)
  • Links to relevant articles on our blog and other helpful tools on our website
  • Comprehensive descriptions of tasks that won’t leave you saying, “I know when to do that but how do I do it?”
  • Thorough post-wedding checklist (because the to-dos don’t stop after the I dos)


What Others Are Saying

“Having an in-depth, step-by-step guide to your wedding basically feels like having someone hold your hand as you’re walking through the planning process. It will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.”

– Dawn, Dawn Derbyshire Photography

“This tool perfectly outlines all of the intricacies of wedding planning and provides a timeline that is detailed, yet super manageable. It acts as a bonus wedding planner, making organizing your big day a breeze.”

– Olivia, bride-to-be

“Timelines like this were typically found in wedding planning books or binders. This is a fresh version updated with current information that gives couples an idea of how to walk the path of wedding planning.”

– Stephanie, The Blue Daisy Floral Designs

Burgh Brides' Getting Started Guide & Planning Timeline Bundle

Getting Started Guide & Planning Timeline Bundle

Two is Always Better Than One


Get both 10 Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding and Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline for double the wedding planning know-how. Planning just became a piece of (three tiered, almond-flavored with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream) cake.


What Others Are Saying

“I wish I would have had these from the beginning of my engagement. They are extremely thorough and helpful, as well as beautifully compiled, making it easy to digest the large amount of information. They are easy to follow and you can anticipate what comes next.”

– Lauren, bride-to-be

“Decision fatigue is real when planning a wedding. These resources will ease that. They are written in formats that are short and easy to digest, as well as easy to reference throughout the process.”

– Stephanie, The Blue Daisy Floral Designs

“YOU NEED THESE! You are investing so much in your wedding already; why not invest in something that is going to actually help you through the planning process? These are going to assist you from start to finish!”

– Becca, bride-to-be

Burgh Brides' Final Countdown Wedding Checklist

Final Countdown Wedding Checklist

An 8-Week To-Do List That’ll Help You Tie Up the Loose Ends Before You Tie the Knot


At 30+ pages, this is a condensed version of our Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline for those whose wedding is fast approaching. If your wedding day countdown is in the double digits and the panic is starting to set in, this timeline will ensure nothing is forgotten and that all of your Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

You’ll love the…

  • Comprehensive weekly to-do lists beginning two months before your wedding
  • Six pages dedicated to the week of the wedding (because a big day requires a big agenda)
  • Descriptions of tasks so you know how to do something, instead of just when
  • Post-wedding reminders (because the job isn’t done just because the party’s over)


What Others Are Saying

“I found the timeline extremely helpful to look at, instead of just having all of those thoughts jumbled in my head. It is nice to have a list of dates to complete tasks to help the process run smoothly. The check-boxes help keep me on track and on top of wedding planning.”

– Becca, bride-to-be

“I am someone who gets very anxious and overwhelmed if things are not organized. I love this timeline because of how perfectly it breaks everything down. This checklist will help you plan everything for your wedding, all the way to three months after.”

– Samantha, bride-to-be

“The few months leading up to the wedding were particularly helpful! This is when little details may be missed otherwise, but it these reminders were especially helpful. I found myself sending emails as I was reading because so many things hadn’t been top of mind.”

– Olivia, bride-to-be

Wondering if our planning resources are for you?

These downloads were specifically designed for soonlyweds who want to:

  • Feel educated, organized, and confident while planning their wedding
  • Easily sift through the internet’s wedding planning noise
  • Be guided by trusted, reputable local industry experts
  • Save time (and some sanity!)
  • Feel inspired and empowered, instead of overwhelmed and confused
  • Actually enjoy their engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

What are they?

The 10 Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding is an in-depth, 55+ page guide to the first 10 things to do after getting engaged. It covers everything from celebrating your engagement to nailing down a wedding budget to drafting a guest list and determining your wedding style. It will help you make those very pivotal first decisions that will influence the rest of your planning process and the entire celebration.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline is a comprehensive 18-month checklist that covers every to-do from the minute you get engaged to sending your wedding thank you cards. Within its 60 pages are even the tiniest details that often get forgotten, like collecting guests’ email addresses and having cash on hand the day of your wedding.

The Final Countdown Wedding Checklist is a shortened version of the Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline that begins two months prior to the wedding. At just 33 pages, it is ideal for those couples who are looking for some guidance on tying up those loose ends before tying the knot.

Each contains short educational articles, guided worksheets, links to relevant and helpful blog posts, and templates that you can fill in with your own details, as well as plenty of room for note-taking.

All resources are PDFs that will be sent electronically after your purchase. You can print them at home or download them to your phone or computer.

Who are they for?

Any engaged couple – regardless of their wedding budget, style, venue, guest count, or what their “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board looks like. These resources can be beneficial to both the DIY, cost-conscious couple who is having a low-key backyard fete to the couple having a 300+ person reception in a swanky downtown hotel ballroom with all the bells and whistles…and anyone in between.

I don’t have a wedding planner. Can these help me?

Absolutely! Maybe a wedding planner isn’t within your budget. or maybe you are a super organized, Type A person with mad project management skills who has decided to go at it alone. No matter your reason for not hiring a wedding planner, these downloads are going to be the virtual wedding planning assistance you never knew you needed.

I’ve hired a wedding planner. Do I still need these?

An extra set of helping hands never hurt anyone, right? These resources will make a great supplement to the advice and help your wedding planner is sure to provide. Additionally, depending on what package you’ve booked with your planner, these resources will be able to fill in some of the gaps. For example, if you have booked day-of coordination instead of full scale planning, these downloads can assist you greatly in those first several months after getting engaged and until your day-of coordinator takes the reins a few weeks before the wedding.

Can I share them with an engaged friend?

These ebooks are copyright protected and are intended to be accessed by a single user only. Any illegal distribution or re-sale of these products is strictly prohibited. They make a great gift for a newly engaged friend though.

Couldn’t I find all of this information on the internet for free?

You possibly could…but it would take you a really long time. These ebooks will save you countless precious hours, but more importantly, they will help you sift through the very often incomplete or inaccurate information you’ll find on The Knot, Wedding Wire, and other major wedding planning websites.

Are they specific to Pittsburgh? I’m getting married elsewhere; could they still help me?

While some aspects of the downloads are written with Pittsburgh couples in mind, most of the advice and planning tips are much more general and could be transferable or applicable to any geographic location.

Hi! I’m Victoria.

I’m your virtual wedding planner, your unofficial bridesmaid, and your big day hype woman.

In other words, I got you.

Since launching Burgh Brides in 2014, I have connected with hundreds of engaged couples. While their styles, color palettes, guest counts, and venues have been unique, there is one thing they all have had in common – they wanted to plan a beautiful, meaningful, memorable celebration without being overcome by anxiety and stress during the planning process. That really isn’t too much to ask, is it?

I created these digital planning resources to make wedding planning fun again…because it IS supposed to be fun.

You deserve to enjoy planning your wedding instead of resenting it.

You deserve to spend time with your future spouse instead of spending hours trying to make sense of the often incomplete and inaccurate information online.

You deserve to feel confident in your wedding planning decisions instead of feeling insecure.

You deserve to feel excited about your wedding day instead of wishing it would just happen already so you can stop planning it.

Let’s flip the script on wedding planning, shall we?

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