Wedding Websites: What to Include on Yours

I’ve already made my case on why wedding websites are so important.  Sites like Minted, Zola, and even The Knot have made it super easy to have your own little space on the world wide web with simple-to-use templates.  But what kind of information should you included on your website and how should you organize it?  Today, I’m breaking down for ya!  Make your wedding website a one-stop-shop for big day details and your guests will be thanking you for keeping them well-informed.  Here are a few key pieces of info yours should include!

What to Include on Your Wedding Website from Burgh Brides

The Scoop on the Two of You! 

  • Tell the story of how you met and what made you fall in love with each other.  Have your spouse-to-be write their own version of the story, in addition to yours, for extra brownie points.   
  • Give all of the proposal details…how, when, where, whether you cried, who you called first, etc.  People want to know!   
  • Don’t forget photos!  They don’t have to be engagement or even professional photos!  Pics from your vacation, their birthday, or just a random date night are a-ok!   
  • Include some fun stuff, like a random list of your favorite things, little known facts, or even mildly embarrassing stories about each other just for kicks.   

Ceremony and Reception Information 

  • Provide the address for both the ceremony and reception sites. 
  • List the start time of all events, including the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.   
  • You can also include the suggested attire here. 
  • A list of bridal party members 
  • Go the extra mile and include a photo, a short description of who they are, and what makes them so special to you.  Don’t forget flower girls and ring bearers!   

Honeymoon Information 

  • Let guests know when and where you’ll be honeymooning!   


  • It’s a major faux pas to include your registries on your wedding invitations!  It is much better suited for your website.  But be sure to link to your personal registry and not just the store’s general site!  Save your guests the trouble of having to search for your wish list.   

Hotel Information 

  • Provide the address, phone number, and website of the hotel.   
  • If you’re negotiated a discounted rate, make sure to include that and instructions on how guests can receive that rate.  For example, some hotels provide you a code that can be used with online booking; others prefer reservations are made over the phone.   

Transportation Information 

  • Driving directions from the hotel to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception, and from the reception back to the hotel.  Don’t assume everyone has an iPhone (my grandparents sure don't) or knows where they are going! 
  • Shuttle departure times and locations, if you are providing this service 
  • Phone numbers or websites for local rental car companies and taxi services 

Visitor Information 

  • Out of town guests will likely make a mini vacation out of your wedding weekend.  Give them plenty of entertainment options by providing a list of your favorite attractions, restaurants, and other not-to-be missed spots.   

A Guest Book 

  • Create a section where friends and family, particularly those who cannot attend, can leave well-wishes.   

Song Requests 

  • To ensure your guests will be keeping the dance floor full all night, give them to opportunity to request songs that get them up on their feet! 


  • For some couples, collecting RSVPs online is the way to go.  Personally, I still like to see a response card in an invitation suite, but I think websites are a great place to gather RSVPs for your rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch, or even your bridal shower! 

Some other tips to make your wedding website extra awesome: 

  • Post any last minute changes on the homepage.  This will ensure guests see it!  You don’t want them to have to dig through pages of information to find an important update.   
  • Make it fun!  People like to laugh so tell funny stories, act a little goofy, and just be yourself in your writing.  Reading it should feel like your guests are speaking right to you.   
  • Keep it clean.  Make your information easy to find with clear page names, lists of bullet points, and short paragraphs.   
  • Have a basic skeleton of your website ready when you send your Save the Dates.  That way you can include the URL (the web address) on them.  Post basic information that you know at that time, such as date and location, and let guests know that more details will be posted as they’re finalized.   
  • And last but not least, don’t put your phone number on your website!  You DO NOT want people calling you with questions on the day of your wedding!!!  Trust meeeee! 

Any other information you like to see on a wedding website?  What did you include on yours?  Do you think your guests find it helpful?   

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