Wedding Trend Alert: Wearable Florals

Move over traditional accessories – wearable florals are where it's AT this year!  Think necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair combs, even belts…all made out of fresh flowers.  You can thank floral crowns, the “it” trend from a few years ago.  It completely blew up and has become a look that I can totally get behind.  Wearable florals are statement pieces and they'll totally have your guests talking.  The new way to hold flowers is to WEAR THEM and here are my Burgh Brides florist friends to tell you how!

The Blue Daisy Floral Designs
Wearable florals can go way beyond your head or hair!  Necklaces make a wonderful statement for the bride, but are also a unique alternative for your bridesmaids or the moms.

I love a floral belt as well.  They are the perfect way to add a unique touch to a gown that needs some extra detailing (think of it as an updated version of a beaded belt!).  Belts are also great for flower girls or a MOH who happens to be expecting (and doesn't mind highlighting her bump with some pretty blooms!).

TIP: Be sure to consider allergies when choosing flowers that will be worn close to the skin.  Small blooms that are long-lasting are best and remember that warm weather may decrease how long your wearables look fresh.  So plan to get all those detail shots in before the ceremony and reception.

Garnish Event Design
This dynamic artistry of Garnish Event Design never ceases to amaze me.  The recent modern geometric styled shoot featured a cymbidium orchid ring.  I love this idea for the bride's right hand, which never gets any attention.  You could go big or go home with a show-stopping garland of flowers cascading down your back, like below on the right.  What a way to combine two hot trends of this year – wearable florals and wedding dresses with interesting backs!  It doesn't get more interesting than that!

Speaking of backs, floral head pieces are the hottest new way to wear flowers in your hair.  A skilled florist can create a custom comb or clip made of the posies that match your bouquet…and wow anyone standing behind you.  Move over floral crowns.

Fox Petal Floral Design Studio
Skip the outdated corsage pins for the moms.  Instead, let them wear a dainty floral bracelet.  It's a modern twist on a wrist corsage and nobody really likes pinning something to their fancy dress anyways.  I love this simple way to make sure the moms look modern but are still highlighted in a very special way.

Wedding Trend Alert: Wearable Florals from the Florists of Burgh Brides

Sapphire & Lace Event Design
Wearable florals are really easy and fun to put together!  If you have some extra flowers (it just takes small scraps), you can grab a piece of statement jewelry and/or old ring and glue away.  We offer a workshop that walks you through all the steps and you leave with some cool bling at the end of the night.  It could also be a super fun idea for a bridal shower!  We've seen the bouquet bar done but how fun is it for everyone to make a hair comb or a floral ring to take with them, especially if your bachelorette party is that night!

What do you think of this wearable floral trend?  Are you loving it as much as I am?  Do you plan on wearing some flowers on your wedding day?  Comment below!





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