A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry

Last summer, some of my favorite friends gave you a behind the scenes look at what a day in their life as a wedding vendor looks like.  (To refresh your memory, head here, here, here, here, and here).  Because that series was wildly popular, it's back!  I'm so excited to team up with five more awesome vendors to let you in on a little secret – they work DAMN hard for you!  I don't think most couples realize how much time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears go into making sure their wedding day is spectacular.  Hopefully, this series will give you not only an idea of just how hard your vendors work for you, but also a new appreciation for them and all they do.

First up is Mandy of Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry!  Whether their look is natural or totally glam, most brides hire a makeup artist to make sure they look smokin' hot on their wedding day.  But a MUA (a good one, anyways) will do SO MUCH MORE than just apply some product to your face.  Keep reading to find out just what I'm talking about.

From Mandy…

This is it!  The hours of emails, phone calls, makeup trials, and emotions all come down to today…your wedding day!  But first, let me back up…

Months before the wedding, I begin my journey with the bride and groom.  I spend time with her over the phone, emails, cards, and texts because I want to get to know her better and I want to understand what her dreams are for the wedding and how she wants to feel.  The makeup trial is one of the best parts for me.  Not only do we get to perfect her look for her wedding day, but I get to really know her, laugh with her, and help her feel at ease.  I love helping the bride realize how beautiful she truly is – inside and out.  I strive to be someone who she will look at and say “Oh good, Mandy’s here!” on the day of the wedding.  I want her to have fun.  I want her to relax.  Most of all, I want her to be worry-free.

The day before any wedding, I make sure to text the bride and encourage her to have a great time at the rehearsal and to take in the moments and emotions she’ll experience.  I love reminding my brides what all the planning, time, and stress are really all about: marrying the love of their life.  Once the message is sent, I review the look and colors used at the makeup trial so I know exactly what needs to be done in the morning. I gather and organize all the makeup and supplies needed, pack up my car, and then settle in for a relaxing evening.  I know it will be a big day tomorrow, so a low key night with my hubby and kiddos is the perfect way to end the day.

I wake up super excited and ready to get the day started.  Usually, it is early.  Very early.  Honestly, I rarely sleep well the night before a wedding.  I’m not sure if it is because of the constant practicing in my head of how the next day will be, or if I just get so darn excited to see the bride and help her start her day off perfectly!  After waking up, saying a quick prayer asking God to allow the day to run smoothly and to be with the bride and groom on their special day, I get ready.  I grab my coffee, two bottles of water, a couple of protein bars (because who has time to eat when there are so many pretty ladies to pamper?!), and tiptoe out the door, hoping to not wake the kiddos on the way out.

The next few hours are usually a blur of excitement, nerves, and joy.  I greet the bride with a hug and we get started.  We all know how important timelines are the day of the wedding, and I feel the pressure, knowing that I am the beginning of that timeline.  If I’m running late, everyone will run late, and that will not happen.  I have allowed a cushion of time for anything unexpected that might – and always does – pop up (the groom needs some covering up of his acne, eczema, or dark circles; the bridesmaids are late because they were lost so we now start late; the one bridesmaid who was going to do her own makeup decided she now wants hers professionally done; the two grandmothers who weren’t expected to be there until later in the day would now like pampered too; the bridesmaids decide they want fake lashes now – all seven of them; and the list goes on and on).  Inevitably, the “pop ups” happen, and my anxiety kicks in because I realize that wiggle room time I had planned on is now gone.  I take a deep breath and focus.  I make sure the bride will not be able to sense my anxiety because this is not her problem; it’s mine.  Her job is to be excited, relaxed, and enjoying her morning, so she will not even sense the time crunch I am feeling.  No matter the situation, I push myself to ensure everyone is relaxed, feeling beautiful, and confident—especially the bride.

Once the bride is completed, I work with the bridesmaids on their looks.  With each one, I discuss what they are comfortable with, what kind of makeup they usually wear, and the overall look the bride is envisioning.  From their answers, we cultivate their perfect look.  There is a rhythm that sets in when I’m working, and before I know it, I’m finishing up the last bridesmaid.  I want so badly for everyone to love their look that it causes me to get butterflies before I show them their completed face.  I love seeing the joy on their faces when they see themselves, especially all put-together with hair and makeup done, dresses and all.  This is when I breathe.  Before I wrap up, I retouch the bride and any of the girls who need it.  That morning, they usually partake in a great breakfast and beverages, and I don’t want them to worry about not eating or drinking because their lipstick might smudge!  Once everyone is completed and happy, I pack up my supplies and give the bride a hug.  I remind her how beautiful she is, and how in a few hours, she’ll be a Mrs.!  I also remind her to take time to look around and soak in the joy and action of the reception – it often goes too fast.

I lug my gear back to the car and thank God that all went well.  I smile at myself because I know how happy the bride was and I feel so grateful to have been included on such an important day.  The girls were so fun to be around and I really can’t believe this is my life and that I get to call something I love doing my “job”.   I realize that I have gained another friend, and I am so blessed.  Once I sit in my car, I realize my back hurts, my feet hurt, and my whole body is exhausted.  Realizing it is way past lunchtime, I open one of my protein bars and head home (unless I’m off to a bridal makeup trial or engagement session), knowing I’ll organize and restock all of my supplies that night to get ready to do it all again.

BB here…

See!  I told you it was way more than just putting some makeup on your face!  Your MUA cares about a lot more than just your foundation and mascara.  Mandy, thanks so much for this BTS look at your life on a wedding day!  Now go take a nap or something…you deserve it!




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