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At the age of 6, Shayne of Soiree by Souleret got her hands on a copy of Brides Magazine.  Her love of weddings hasn't stopped growing since.  A background in fine arts allows this wedding planner to put a visionary touch on each of her clients' special day.  Knowing that the beauty is in the details, Shayne strives to make each event dimensional, stimulating all the senses.  Beyond all of the pretty, this hard-working, always-smiling planner appreciates your wedding day for what it truly is – a moment in time unlike any other, deserving of a special celebration.

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Tell me a little bit about your business!

This years marks my fourth year full-time in the business but I've been planning weddings for six years and special events for eight.

Every couple deserves the attention and care needed to transform their beautiful, one-of-a-kind love into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding.  When I was six years old my mother placed a Brides Magazine in my hands, and I instantly fell in love with weddings.  I spent years after that moment sketching spaces and collecting decor.  At sixteen, I already knew I would become a wedding planner, and in 2011, I realized this dream.  Sometimes people ask me, “Why wedding planning?”  I answer this with a question of my own: “Where else could I find such a meaningful outlet for my passion for fine art and event design than in the union of two people in love?”

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

Having studied fine arts and figure painting, I can’t help but see a wedding as a blank canvas.  I love creating environments that are intimate yet refined, romantic yet understated, filled with soft lines and fragrances, warm light, and colored glass, all to encourage people to connect and reconnect, to love and to feel loved.  Like most wedding planners, I have a passion for detail.  More importantly, I understand how to make all of these details work together, to contribute to the whole of the experience, to the single and all-important “moment”.  Because when you look at a painting, it’s not only the brushstrokes that matter, it’s also the feeling you walk away with.

What is your ideal client like?

The Soiree by Souleret client is looking for a unique affair that is filled with personal elements and BIG attention to detail.  Our ideal clients are excited to plan their weddings and they are grateful for all of the time and care that goes into crafting a beautiful day.  I love weddings filled with lush florals, delicate fabrics, beautifully sunlit rooms or tents, and couples who are beaming with happiness!

What do you “really do”?

Often, individuals only see the glitz and glamour that goes into a wedding.  But behind the scenes, we work long hours, do hard labor, and have to think on our feet when unexpected situations arise.  I like to think that I've gracefully navigated my way through mini tornadoes which take out electricity and cocktail tables to medical emergencies like stitches and heat stroke without an interruption to a couple's beautiful day.

What is your approach to wedding planning and design?

I believe that every celebration is different – a unique assortment of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, all brought together to honor a special love, occasion, or milestone.  Truly, there will never be another moment exactly like it.  To design an event worthy of this celebration – what a wonderful opportunity!  This is my motivation, and this is what I aspire to do.

What is the creative process like?  How do you work with couples to bring their vision to life?

I always start by getting to know as much about the couple as possible…how they met, how he proposed, how they would describe one another, hobbies, wedding day dreams, etc.  I create a mood board for my own design purposes, and ask my brides to collect inspiration on Pinterest.  Then, we set out to find or build a venue within the client's budget and style .  Once a venue is selected, linens come next!  They are a great building point of which to begin booking rentals, florals and other important details.  I introduce my client to vendors in face-to-face meetings and about 3 months out we do a final mock up!

What is your secret to staying calm under pressure?  How do you deal with day-of challenges?

Patience, a big smile, and a calming tone!  My assistants jokingly refer to me as the Tim Gunn of weddings, thanks to the Project Runway copy cat slogan that they often hear from me – “Make it work!”

Clients and their families often ask me if I ever stop smiling.  No matter what the crisis, I always either have a smile on my face or project a calming demeanor.  If I'm not calm, my clients won't be either.

I learned very early on that nothing ever goes exactly to plan but if you plan for the best possible A, B and C scenarios and you can think on your feet, you can do anything.

What other items do you offer?

I also offer calligraphy services for clients.

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