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What's one way I know that a wedding videographer is a good one?  When I realize I've spent that last 45 minutes watching highlight films on their website.  That's exactly what happened the first time I visited Traveling Heart Productions.  What started as a love for video production in high school has morphed into a documentary style videography company that focuses on preserving memories and capturing love in action.  Christina's videos are immersive; they draw you in and they make you wish that they'll never end, kind of the same way a good movie does.  Her work is fun, upbeat, creative, and engaging while still capturing the romance, emotion, and authenticity of your big day.  You're going to have a blast just watching some of it!  Plus, she might be the only person to be as obsessed with weddings as I am, so that makes her an obvious winner in my book.  😉

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Tell me a little bit about your business!

I started my company, Traveling Heart Productions, in March 2014.  I specialize in wedding cinematography, offering couples stylized, documentary style wedding films.

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

My wedding films are bright and fun, and they capture the love that surrounds the couple on their wedding day!  I blend documentary style shooting with some cinematic elements, giving people a wedding film that is authentic, and also artistic and fun to watch.  I also pick music that reflects the vibe of the day, and use the song(s) to help tell their story.

What is your ideal client like?

I love working with couples who want to have fun on their wedding day!  I love laid back couples who want to laugh and enjoy themselves, and who are excited to be tying the knot in front of all of their friends and family.  My ideal clients feel that love is everything in this world, and documenting the love they have for each other, as well as the love they have for their friends and family, is the main reason they want a wedding cinematographer.

Your business name is “Traveling Heart Productions”.  Does that mean you'll travel for a wedding?

Absolutely!  I love to travel, I love adventures, and while I love filming weddings here in Pittsburgh, I am more than willing to get on a plane with my cameras and go wherever you are getting hitched!

What is your approach to cinematography?

I am a documentary style cinematographer.  My main goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I don't get in your face, I don't use a big bulky camera with a blinding light.  If I see an opportunity for a cool shot, I may ask if you're willing to pose/turn/position yourself a certain way.  However, for the most part, I try to stay out of the way, hang back, and capture everything that's happening around you.

What techniques do you use to help clients feel comfortable with you and in front of the camera?

I like to meet my clients for coffee (or at least chat on the phone) before signing a contract.  I think it helps to get to know each other a little bit, so you can get a feel for who I am.  It also just really helps to see a familiar face on your wedding day!  I know it's a strange thing to have multiple cameras pointed at you all day, so I try to make you forget I'm there, or at least that I'm filming!

What emotions do you think your videos evoke?

Video is such a powerful medium.  Our thoughts and dreams and memories are in moving pictures.  I think my wedding films evoke a wide range of emotions, just as you have a wide range of emotions on your wedding day.  Your wedding film brings you back to that day, and it's a really cool thing to see such an amazing, meaningful, and very personal day from another perspective.  It can be emotional, as well as a very joyful, I-can't-stop-smiling experience!

What is your approach to editing?

I have a very straightforward, documentary editing style.  I don't use a lot of special effects or transitions.  I want the footage to speak for itself, because those moments are what tell the story!

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