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Antique Coach Excursions summed it up best when they said, “Why not make the transportation – a usually uneventful part of the day – something your guests will talk about long after the day is over?”  From the flowers to the favors and everything in between, you infuse personality into just about every part of your wedding day.  Why stop with the transportation?!  Shuttle your guests around in style with one of Antique Coach Excursions' vintage rides!  This family-owned business has fully restored two California coaches back to their original glory, giving a new life to these mid-century classics.  Not only will your guests appreciate the throw back, but they'll be so happy to not have to worry about directions, sitting in traffic, or having a little too much to drink.  The best part?  These vehicles allow you GREAT photo ops!  It's all part of the unique experience you get with Antique Coach Excursions!

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Tell me a little bit about your business!

Antique Coach Excursions (ACE) was founded in 2014 and is a small, family-owned charter company offering two unique, fully-restored antique coaches from which to choose, both originally from California.  ACE is all about service – we don’t just move people, we embrace them!  Our period-correct dressed driver will greet and assist passengers in boarding, give a brief history of the coach they are riding on, play “tour guide” pointing out and giving details of notable Burgh spots along the way – all while keeping everyone laughing!  We look forward to serving you!

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

Remember when everything seemed to have more style?  Today, you can't tell if that was a Cadillac or a Kia passing you on the highway!  Chartering Antique Coach Excursions for your BIG DAY, ensures not only a unique experience for you and your guests, but for passersby!  They'll notice, photograph, and remember your transportation; we literally stop traffic!  Why not make the transportation – a usually uneventful part of the day – something your guests will talk about long after the day is over?  Older guests will reminisce about riding these coaches to work or town to shop, while the younger guests will “wow” over them for the first time.

We'll transport the wedding party and/or guests between venues, relieving out-of-towners the stress of driving in an unfamiliar city, while eliminating any parking and DUI worries – it's all part of this unique experience.

What is your ideal client like?

Our clients have chartered ACE for a wide range of events.  Weddings are definitely our core business, but our coaches can be used for any group event.  Anyone who is looking for something different or planning a vintage wedding or other event would love our services.  We've been hired for weddings, reunions, funerals, milestone birthday parties, and anniversary parties, just to name a few.

We're proud to be LBGTQ friendly as well!

What types of vehicles do you offer?  What size parties can you accommodate?

Our Coach 465 is a 1957 GMC transit coach, a la Rosa Parks style.  It has been restored to the paint scheme used in the Greentree/Pittsburgh area in the 1950s and 60s.  You’ll notice the transit-type, interior-forward and bench seating with poles for shoppers/workers to hold with wide aisles.  It seats 46 comfortably.  While there isn't air conditioning, the windows all open.  It's great for photos too!

The Coach 373 is a 1969 GMC Starliner tour coach used in California at Disneyland, San Diego, Tijuana, etc.  You'll notice the unique roof windows that allow for a great view!  This coach is air conditioned and the windows open for great photo ops!  This coach holds 52 with rows of high back seats.  Just 88 of this type of coach were made and this is the only known one left in operation!  We only know of two others that are beyond restoration.

Is there a minimum rental time?

Yes, a three hour minimum is in place.

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