Traveling Heart Productions: 4 Reasons She’s One of my FAVE Wedding Videographers

Do yourself a HUGE favor – save room in your wedding budget for a videographer.

Now do yourself a second favor – hire Traveling Heart Productions.

I promise that you will not regret either move.  Christina has been filming nuptials for four short years, but you would think she’s been around for decades.  Her films are KILLER compilations of excited smiles, heartfelt vows, memorable moments, and epic dance floor battles.  While pretty or quirky details get her excited, Christina focuses on the PEOPLE, not the stuff, that make your wedding special.  That’s just one reason why I know you’re going to love her, but here are 4 more!

This ain’t your grandma’s wedding video.

Long gone are the days of stationary tri-pods and films that bore you to tears.  Christina’s work is modern, fresh, and youthful!  Her approach to both filming and editing is contemporary yet classic.  That means she’s still on the hunt for those traditional wedding details and happenings, but she approaches them with a fresh perspective.  It’s bright and whimsical, instead of a snooze-fest.  Millennial couples want more out of their wedding day than older generations did, and THP will definitely deliver on that front!

You’ll cry…and then laugh…and then cry some more.

It’s touching when a wedding can make you cry.  It’s fun when it can make you laugh.  But a wedding video that can do both?  Now that’s something!  Christina has an uncanny ability to capture both ends of the spectrum and weave them seamlessly together in a film that will give you ALLLLL.the.feels.  While she’s listening for those sweet words or that funny speech, she’s also watching for those tender, once-in-a-lifetime moments.  The end result is a combination of emotion and light-heartedness that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

She’s got an ear for great music.

I’m such a sucker for good song lyrics and a beat that makes me want to dance.  Christina manages to set her films to music that has both.  Selecting the right song that fits the couple, their wedding style, and Christina’s way of film-making is no easy feat.  Yet, she manages to get it right every time and the music is one of the things I love most about her work.  Of course, if you want a special song to accompany your wedding footage, Christina can make that happen too.  But personally, I’d trust the background to her musicality 😉

You’ll have so much fun working with her.

I say this from experience – Christina is an absolute joy to be around!  Her energy and zeal for life are invigorating while her ability to find the fun in just about any situation is inspiring.  You’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding videographer, so you better make sure you get along.  I can’t imagine anyone NOT having fun around this lady!  Her smile brightens a room and her laid-back yet passionate nature make her a pleasure to work with.  Just you wait and see!

A winning combination of style and sweetness make it easy for me to pick Traveling Heart Productions as one of my favorite Pittsburgh wedding videographers.  I just know you’re going to love her too!  Visit the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide to see more of her (amazing) work!

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