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Hi there!  Welcome to Burgh Brides!  I’m so excited to finally be able to share this blog with you.  It’s been a little dream of mine for many, many years.  As a matter of fact, I first purchased the domain name back in 2009 when I originally came up with the idea of a blog dedicated to all things Pittsburgh weddings.  However, life happened and it got put on the back burner…for nearly six whole years.  But today, here I am, and here you are, and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by!

Burgh Brides - A Pittsburgh Wedding Blog!

So what is Burgh Brides all about?  I’ll get to that.  Before I do, let me tell you why a Pittsburgh wedding blog in the first place.

I’m a born and raised Yinzer, minus the accent somehow.  I love this city, its history, and its kaleidoscope culture.  Where else can you find one of the best hospitals in the nation, a sandwich with French fries on it, and a global university that is renowned for its fine arts AND computer science AND engineering programs (high five, CMU!)?  This place is awesome!  But for a while Pittsburgh was getting a bad rap.  How many “worst of” lists were we placed on?  Worst dressed, worst place for singles, worst traffic nightmares, ugliest accent, ugliest women (rude!), and the list goes on.  Quite frankly, I never understood it.  And I was sick of it.  Luckily, in the past few years our reputation for being one of the “worst” cities has turned around and Pittsburgh now ranks #1 on numerous “best of” lists.  People are finally learning what we've known all along – this place is special.

Throughout my near-decade in Pittsburgh’s wedding and event industry, I’ve seen some incredibly beautiful things…weddings that are styled nearly to perfection, details that would knock your socks off, unique venues, gorgeous gowns, and vendors who are true artists.  I wanted to share all of this with all of you!  Sure, there are a million wedding blogs out there.  But most of the time, Pittsburgh gets overlooked.  They feature New York weddings, they feature Chicago weddings, they even feature Philly weddings.  But very rarely do you see a Pittsburgh wedding featured on Style Me Pretty (unless you work with Elizabeth Craig, who is insanely talented and has been featured multiple times, rightfully so).  So what do we Pittsburghers do when the rest of the world isn’t talking about us?  We talk about ourselves, and know that the rest of the world will start listening eventually.

That’s how Burgh Brides was born.  I created this blog to show off the awesome weddings that take place right here, so that we could toot our own horns.  I want to share ideas and inspire brides to create their own gorgeous day.  I want to be able to pass along some of the logistical know-how that I’ve gained from years as a wedding and event planner, and hopefully make the planning process just a little less stressful.  I want to introduce brides to all sorts of awesome, super talented vendors who are just waiting to help make their day magical.  I want to be your unofficial wedding planner, your second maid of honor, and your wedding cheerleader!  It’s going to be so fun!

So what can you expect to see?  For starters:

  • Real wedding and engagement sessions (and hopefully some styled shoots too!)
  • Vendor features
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Trends projected and traditions explained
  • Planning tips and logistical help
  • DIY tutorials
  • Resources and tools

And I’m just getting started!  I’m so hopeful about what this blog can turn into and I’m excited to see it grow and transform.  For now, I’m just so glad to see you!  I'll be posting twice a week so check back on Thursday for the first of the Real Love Series.  I hope you like what you see so far and I can’t wait to become better friends!

P.S. I'd be remiss if I didn't send a HUGE shout out and an ENORMOUS thank you to Beth and Sam Insalaco!  These two.  Oh my goodness.  So much talent between the pair.  Sam is the master tech mind behind Burgh Brides.  If you need a website or help with SEO, give his company, theBREWROOM, a holler.  Beth is not only an incredible photographer who took the head shots you see but she also created the pretty logo and graphics.  Burgh Brides really wouldn't have been possible without these two and I'm so thankful I get to call them my friends!  xo



  1. Allison Potter says

    Congrats V(B)D! Thrilled to see that you’ve turned this dream into a reality. When I saw that you were launching this, I thought back to when you were talking logo designs back in… 2010/2011? Now it’s a real dream come true. Wishing you all the best, and loads of success! xo- AP

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t get over this! You all are so kind! Thank you thank you thank you! I have so many ideas brewing and I can’t wait to share them with you! xo

  3. Amy Hutton says

    Congratulation Torre. I had not idea you were doing this. Wonderful to see it all coming to life ! You have our support. Cheers, Amy

  4. LMM Calligraphy says

    Congrats on this great site/blog. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer next. I will be sure to share it with my brides. Best of luck to you.

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