Getting Wedding Ready: 5 Tips to Help the Morning Run Smoothly!

The morning of your wedding day will be spent getting beautified, celebrating with your best gal pals, and enjoying one final morning of being a single lady.  It’ll be a fun, emotional whirlwind, teetering between nostalgic and anticipation.  As you put those finishing touches on both yourself and your big day, be sure to follow my 5 tips for getting wedding ready! 

Wash and dry your hair the day or night before.

A fancy do works best when your hair is a bit dirty.  Every girl knows that.  Don’t send your hair stylist into a tail spin by showing up with clean (or worse yet…wet!) hair.  Spend a little bit of time prepping before bed and your hair will thank you. 

Lay everything out before you go to sleep.

Your shoes, jewelry, clutch, “somethings”, garter, hairpiece, bridal hanger, etc. etc. etc.  Take them all out of their various bags and packaging, remove price tags, and put them all together.  Not only will you have a lovely “I’m about to be a bride” section of your room to wake up to but this will also save you time in the morning.  It will also make it super easy on your photographer when he or she goes to take all of those gorgeous details shots. 

Make sure you eat.

It’s going to be a looooong day despite the fact that it will seem like it rushes by.  You’re going to need your fuel.  Choose healthy options that will give you sustained energy without making you feel gross or bloated.  Fresh fruit, veggies, light sandwiches, and even cheese and crackers are great ideas.  Whatever it is, eat something!  You don’t want to be passing out at the altar, do you? 

Don’t drink too much.

Go shorty!  It’s your birthday wedding day!  And celebrate you should!  But be careful with those mimosas.  The very last thing you need is to get to drunk before the party even starts.  Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic bevvy and you’ll remain in good shape. 

Schedule your hair and makeup somewhere in the middle.

Save the best for (almost) last, right?  Actually, as the bride, your hair and makeup is numero uno on the importance scale.  It needs to last allllll day.  Therefore, you should be the one of the last of your tribe in the beauty chair.  I’m sure your artists will use products that will help with this but timing is everything too.  Draw straws for which of your ladies will go first but the bride should definitely be somewhere in the middle.  That way, you aren't rushed but still have time for a quick hair and makeup touch up before you put that dress on!

Which tip did you find most helpful?  What other tips do you have for getting wedding ready?  Former brides or vendors, any advice?  Comment below! 

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