Favorite Wedding Favor Ideas: Unique Ways to Thank Your Guests

Since November is the month of giving thanks, I was inspired to share some of my favorite wedding favor ideas!  If I'm being perfectly honest with you, I have a love/hate relationship with favors.  While I do think it's very important to acknowledge and publicly thank your friends and family for attending and celebrating your marriage, unless they're done right, wedding favors can be a total waste.  The trick is to go with something edible, useful, charitable, or otherwise super unique.  Skip the dumb tchotchkes that no one will remember (and that will likely be left on the table at the end of the night) and go with one of these ideas instead!

A Donation

Rather than giving people more “stuff”, do some good with your wedding favor dollars.  If there is a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart, make a donation in the name of your guests.  Animal welfare, disease research, or even your local women's shelter…it doesn't matter the cause; just find one that resonates the most with you.  Because weddings that give back will NEVER go out of style.

A Double Duty Escort Card/Favor

Why spend more money than you have to?  Opt for something that can play double duty as both an escort card AND a wedding favor!  Pick it up open arrival, take it home at the end of the night…and get more mileage out of your wedding budget at the same time.  I love the idea of choosing your drinking glass for the evening and then adding it to your own at-home collection, as done by a recent couple at PointBreezeway.

The best take I've seen on this double duty idea is when guests were invited to “Please Be Seeded” with a packet of seeds to plan in their own garden!

Home Brew

If you're the type who makes their own brewski, bottle up a big batch for your guests!  They'll love the homemade nature of this and you can personalize it even more with a custom label.  Nick and Lisa – the duo behind So Fresh Films – did this at their wedding a few years ago!  Hey, if it's good enough for a wedding vendor (who has literally seen it all), it's good enough for you too!

Anything Edible

If your guests are anything like me, they love to eat.  I'd never turn down a free treat, so get some to-go containers and let that Pittsburgh cookie table serve as your favor.

Or infuse some hometown flavor into your day by gifting a treat from your favorite local food maker or provider!  Either way, you'll guests' taste buds will thank you.

Or Drinkable!

Beer isn't the only kind of beverage that can act as a wedding favor.  Pass out some grounds of your favorite coffee to brew up some love at your reception.

Coffee not really your thing?  Individual cans of tea leaves make for a great giveaway too!

Something Useful

If you are going for a tangible favor, make sure it's at least something people are going to actually use.  From all of the weddings I've attended in the past, the only favor that you'll still find in my cupboards to this day are pint glasses.  Why?  Because I break them often and always seem to need one.

Another idea is the mini cast iron skillets given out at this classic but unique wedding.  Perfect for making all sorts of things!

Something that Speaks to Your Heritage

Infuse your history into your wedding day with a favor that speaks to your heritage.  The groom of this wedding was from Kazakhstan, where the yurt is a common type of housing.  As a subtle nod to his background, guests were treated to tiny, colorful yurts which were filled with chocolates.  Blend modern day with old world with a unique idea reflecting your own background!

Plants or Flowers

Say thank you and help the environment at the same time by gifting something that will grow on long after the wedding day.  Tree seedlings (like those given out at Whitling Photography's own wedding), fresh herbs, or even a Build-Your-Own Floral Bouquet bar all make excellent, earth-friendly favor ideas!

Something from the Heart

The ultimate wedding favor idea is something from the heart.  If you're crafty or are down with making something with your hands, set out to create something special for each of your guests.  It can be as simple as coasters made from old vinyls, or homemade soy candles.

Or it can be something much more elaborate.  These beautiful mugs were hand-thrown by the bride and added an artistic DIY touch to the day.

When jewelry-maker Heather wedded Jeremy Ganss, ladies were treated to earrings and men to engraved money clips, both made by the bride herself!  Absolutely LOVE ideas like these!

How will you be thanking your guests?  Are you going with a tangible favor or some other idea?  Comment below!


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