Would You Consider a Pop Up Wedding?

Hold up…you might be asking, “What's a Pop Up Wedding?”  To be honest, I didn't know what it was either until I came across the Pop Up Pittsburgh Wedding Company's website.  And it was love at first sight pageview.

Let's be honest…wedding planning can be stressssssful.  Even for a seasoned event and wedding coordinating pro like myself, I often wanted to rip my hair out when planning my own big day.  There is something about it…the emotions, pleasing family members, knowing that you only get one shot to create this magically awesome day so you better get it right..it's A LOT of pressure.  And I knew what I was doing!  Imagine if you've never planned any event before, let alone a wedding?!  How would you know where to even start?!  I can see why some brides go crazy.

Well, what would you do if I told you there is a way you can eliminate all of that wedding planning stress?  That all you have to do is make one decision…hire one vendor…and the rest will be taken care of for you.  A literal one-stop-wedding-shop!  Sounds to good to be true, right?  Well, it's not, thanks to the Pop Up Pittsburgh Wedding Company.

This brain child of Tricia Derry, who is also the owner of Vintage Alley Rentals (a Burgh Brides Vendor Guide member!) is sweeping the Pittsburgh wedding scene.  If you haven't yet heard of this wedding alternative, buckle up and prepare to have your mind blown.

From Tricia…

What is a Pop Up Wedding?
A Pop Up Wedding is non-traditional, fun, care-free, stress-free wedding in a theoretical box.  It consists of a 90-minute, all-inclusive ceremony and celebration for up to 20 guests, and includes a unique venue location, flowers, a photographer, an officiant, a day-of planner, music, a wedding cake, treats for you guests, a sparkling bar, a styled set with amazing vintage decor and, of course, the signature Popcorn Bar.

Where did the idea for a Pop Up Wedding come from?
This idea was founded in Australia and I came across the concept while doing research for Vintage Alley Rentals.  After being in the industry for quite some time, I realized that no wedding like this was being offered in Pittsburgh and I thought that the concept was brilliant.

What type of couple or what wedding style is best suited for a Pop Up Wedding?
This is a great concept for people that do not want a huge wedding…people on a budget but who still want the beauty of a big wedding…military weddings…second marriages and also same sex marriages.  It's perfect for the non-traditional couple who thinks outside the box, or sometimes way outside of the box, and who want something very different, fun, and somewhat quirky.

Why should a bride and groom consider this wedding alternative?
This is a wonderful alternative for the off-beat bride, the couple on a budget or the one that wants an intimate wedding with only close family and friends, or for the couple who says, “Hey, let's do this!  Let's get married next month!”  We do it all for you; you just show up and say “I do”.  The entire Pop Up Wedding can cost less than just one vendor at a large, traditional wedding.

Whyyyyy wasn't this around when I was getting married?!  It would have saved me so much headache!  A Pop Up Wedding is the PERFECT solution for those looking to keep wedding planning simple, those who want a small but still festive affair, those who are on a tight budget, those who want to elope but still want to be surrounded by family and friends, those who don't want all the fuss and muss of a big wedding, or those who just want something totally unique and memorable.  If that's you, you're in luck because there are two upcoming Pop Up Weddings and spots are still available!

If you're interested, contact the Tricia soon; reservations are limited and fill up fast!  And keep your eyes peeled next week for when I feature one of the very first Pop Up Weddings!

While I did team up with the Pop Up Pittsburgh Wedding Company for this post, all opinions are my own.


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