Introducing Redford DJs!

One of the most fun weddings I've ever been to was that of my friends, Kimi and Chris.  A Christmas themed-affair, amazing food, and a dance floor that was packed all night thanks to Redford DJs.  With over 100 weddings under his belt, Kevin's experience is what sets him apart from the competition.  A classic emcee style coupled and his ability to read a crowd mean your guests will have the time of their lives.  Meanwhile a commitment to a stellar client experience means you'll love working with him.  Learn more about Redford DJs in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Redford DJs - Pittsburgh Wedding DJ & Burgh Brides Vendor Guide Member

A Hartwood Acres Wedding: 5 Ways to Tell If It’s for You

If you’re on the fence about a Hartwood Acres wedding, today’s post should clear up any hesitation. Owned and managed by the Allegheny County Parks since 1976, Hartwood Acres has long been a local favorite for its summer concerts and hiking and biking trails. But this 629-acre estate recently became home to some of Pittsburgh’s most stylish celebrations. From intimate and whimsical to grandiose and luxurious, a Hartwood Acres wedding is fit for almost any couple and vibe. Here a few ways to tell if it’s for YOU!

If gorgeous historical mansions and lush gardens are kind of your thing…

Always dreamt of feeling like a princess on your wedding day?  You’ll certainly be getting those Cinderella vibes with Hartwood Acres’ stately Tudor mansion that dates back to 1927.  Blooming gardens, tall trees, and meticulous landscaping make the Hampton and Indiana township grounds feel like they are millions of miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Secluded and surrounded by miles of scenic beauty, Hartwood Acres will make you feel instantly transported to another place and time.

If you want a one-stop-shop ceremony/cocktail reception/dinner and dancing space…

Save your guests the headache of navigating crazy Pittsburgh traffic and save yourself time between the ceremony and reception by hosting both events in the same place.  Hartwood Acres provides the perfect venue for the I do’s until the DJ’s last song…and everything in between.  Have your ceremony on the stone steps of the mansion, host cocktails in the garden, and then dance the night away on the lawn or in the Grand Pavilion.  The estate is so beautiful, you’ll almost never want to leave.  At least on your wedding day, you don’t have to.

If you want to wow your guests with a never-before-seen venue…

Let’s be honest…couples these days want their wedding to STAND OUT!  Everybody strives to put that unique spin on the old status quo to make their celebration as memorable as possible.  One great way to do that is to host it at an unexpected or new venue!  While your local guests are surely familiar with Hartwood Acres, attending a wedding there might very well blow their minds.  Even though the park has been open for a few decades, the weddings here have just become more popular, making it one of the region’s hottest up-and-coming spaces!  Mark my words…your friends and family be talking about this one for years and years to come.

If you want to be able to hire all of your favorite vendors AND bring your own alcohol…

Finding a BYOB venue is one of the top-ways-to-save-on-your-wedding-budget secrets.  AND hiring the wedding pros who are the best FIT for your tastes and personality is the BEST method for ensuring your big day is exactly what you envision.  At Hartwood Acres, you can do both.  Enjoy the luxury of an open vendor policy – meaning you can hire whatever florist, photographer, or DJ you like and aren’t restricted to an exclusive or preferred vendor list.  Then, your guests can enjoy beer from your favorite local brewery or that winery you visited on your trip to Napa, thanks to the fact that you can supply all your own “refreshments”!

If you want an outdoor celebration, but don't want to be confined to a tent…

Al fresco weddings can be really beautiful.  A vinyl tent?  Not so much.  Sometimes they need a lot of dressing up to be appropriate for a formal occasion.  On the contrary, Hartwood Acres’ Grand Pavilion needs almost nothing to be striking. Under a greenhouse-like roof, guests can enjoy themselves in the open-air space. The pavilion seats 150 and still leaves plenty of room for a dance floor, making it the perfect place for a big party!  With the view of the mansion and the incredible opaque ceiling above, all you really need are some tables, chairs, and a few flowers and your guests’ jaws will drop upon first sight!

After this post, I’m sure you will never look at Hartwood Acres in quite the same way again.  If you still need more convincing on why this is an excellent choice for a wedding venue, check them out in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Introducing Dorosh Documentaries!

If you want to not only love your wedding video, but be absolutely unable to stop watching it, Dorosh Documentaries is for you.  This husband and wife video team creates moving love stories that are cinematically modern but that will stand the test of time.  To laugh, cry, and feel the joy of your wedding day all over again, go meet them in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Introducing The Grand Estate at Hidden Acres!

If you think this is incredible, just wait until you see the tent and grounds of The Grand Estate at Hidden Acres.  I don't want to spoil the surprise but prepare to be amazed!  From the gorgeous mansion to the draping and chandelier clad reception space, the Grand Estate is just waiting to host your fairy tale wedding!  I'm so excited for you to meet them in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Introducing Palermo Photo & A Special Offer!

Palermo Photo makes me wish that I was getting married all over again just so I could hire her to capture our day.  Maria's work oozes romance and sophistication without being overly stuffy or stiff.  It's airy goodness meets raw emotion meets pure joy.  I just know you're going to love it!  Visit her in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide, but don't say I didn't warn you 😉

Plus, if you mention Burgh Brides when booking your wedding photography package, you'll earn an extra hour of coverage!

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An Allegheny County Courthouse Wedding: 5 Things that Make it Unique

An Allegheny County Courthouse wedding probably isn’t what you think.  This hidden gem of a downtown venue is challenging the old-fashioned misconceptions of a “courthouse wedding”.  When they hear that term, most people think of something fast, inexpensive, stress free, and simple.  Sure, you can certainly have that kind of wedding at the Courthouse.  But you can also have a sophisticated, lavish soiree full of gorgeous details for as many as 200 guests.  From the multiple event spaces to the gorgeous architecture to the location itself, here are 5 unique features that make the Allegheny County Courthouse an excellent venue choice for any Burgh Bride!

A Historical Setting

Be a part of history as you make history.  The 130-year-old Allegheny County Courthouse is on the national registry of historical landmarks and is thought of as one of the finest examples of Romanesque Revival architecture.  Designed by H.H. Richardson and often considered his masterpiece, the Grand Staircase was completed in 1888.  Since then, it has witnessed political movements, pivotal moments, and now wedding celebrations.

A Jaw-Dropping Place to say I Do

The exchange of vows always sounds beautiful.  Now it can look beautiful too.  If you really want to wow, think outside the box when it comes to your ceremony location.  It’s almost as if the Grand Staircase at the Allegheny County Courthouse was built with a wedding in mind.  Imagine standing on the marble landing under stone arches as your guests look up and are transfixed by the flow of natural light and Gothic architecture.  There is many a pretty church in Pittsburgh, but I dare them to try and compete with this type of setting.  Your guests will be talking about this one for a looooong time.

And an Even More Beautiful Place to Celebrate

The only thing that can top a ceremony on the Grand Staircase is a reception in the private Family Courthouse Courtyard.  Between the wings of the county building sits an outdoor space large enough for 200 people.  However, because it’s secluded and enclosed, it still feels intimate and personal.  You can dine and dance under the stars surrounded by stone architecture and arched window frames, or the area can also be tented in case of inclement weather.  Either way, there’s no prettier place to celebrate a Pittsburgh wedding.

Picture-Perfect Photo Ops

With the ivy-covered walls of the Family Courthouse Courtyard, the breathtaking windows above the Grand Staircase, the bubbling courtyard fountain, the colorful lobby murals, or the striking nooks and crannies of the hallways, there are plenty of backdrops for extraordinary portraits.  Wedding photographers are always on the hunt for interesting settings and unique scenery and there is plenty of both to find at the Courthouse.

A Convenient Location

Nestled on Grant Street in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Courthouse is surrounded by all that your guests could possibly need or want.  Out-of-towners can stay at one of several hotels within walking distance, while local folks can park at lots across the street or nearby.  The nightlife of downtown Pittsburgh has had a recent renaissance, which means your celebration doesn’t have to end with the last dance.  Continue the festivities at one of the new hip, urban bars in the area, or make a short trek across a bridge to party on the North Shore or South Side.

If you still need more convincing on this incredibly awesome wedding venue, check out the Allegheny County Courthouse in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Introducing Katie Lynn’s Photo Booth!

So much thought goes into planning out every.single.detail of your wedding.  It should be the same case with your photo booth.  With endless opportunities for customization, Katie Lynn's Photo Booth becomes one more wedding element where you can let your personalities shine!  The open-air concept keeps things nice and classy, while encouraging all of your guests to get in on the fun.  Click on over to the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide to learn all about them!  (See what I did there?  😉 )

Traveling Heart Productions: 4 Reasons She’s One of my FAVE Wedding Videographers

Do yourself a HUGE favor – save room in your wedding budget for a videographer.

Now do yourself a second favor – hire Traveling Heart Productions.

I promise that you will not regret either move.  Christina has been filming nuptials for four short years, but you would think she’s been around for decades.  Her films are KILLER compilations of excited smiles, heartfelt vows, memorable moments, and epic dance floor battles.  While pretty or quirky details get her excited, Christina focuses on the PEOPLE, not the stuff, that make your wedding special.  That’s just one reason why I know you’re going to love her, but here are 4 more!

This ain’t your grandma’s wedding video.

Long gone are the days of stationary tri-pods and films that bore you to tears.  Christina’s work is modern, fresh, and youthful!  Her approach to both filming and editing is contemporary yet classic.  That means she’s still on the hunt for those traditional wedding details and happenings, but she approaches them with a fresh perspective.  It’s bright and whimsical, instead of a snooze-fest.  Millennial couples want more out of their wedding day than older generations did, and THP will definitely deliver on that front!

You’ll cry…and then laugh…and then cry some more.

It’s touching when a wedding can make you cry.  It’s fun when it can make you laugh.  But a wedding video that can do both?  Now that’s something!  Christina has an uncanny ability to capture both ends of the spectrum and weave them seamlessly together in a film that will give you ALLLLL.the.feels.  While she’s listening for those sweet words or that funny speech, she’s also watching for those tender, once-in-a-lifetime moments.  The end result is a combination of emotion and light-heartedness that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

She’s got an ear for great music.

I’m such a sucker for good song lyrics and a beat that makes me want to dance.  Christina manages to set her films to music that has both.  Selecting the right song that fits the couple, their wedding style, and Christina’s way of film-making is no easy feat.  Yet, she manages to get it right every time and the music is one of the things I love most about her work.  Of course, if you want a special song to accompany your wedding footage, Christina can make that happen too.  But personally, I’d trust the background to her musicality 😉

You’ll have so much fun working with her.

I say this from experience – Christina is an absolute joy to be around!  Her energy and zeal for life are invigorating while her ability to find the fun in just about any situation is inspiring.  You’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding videographer, so you better make sure you get along.  I can’t imagine anyone NOT having fun around this lady!  Her smile brightens a room and her laid-back yet passionate nature make her a pleasure to work with.  Just you wait and see!

A winning combination of style and sweetness make it easy for me to pick Traveling Heart Productions as one of my favorite Pittsburgh wedding videographers.  I just know you’re going to love her too!  Visit the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide to see more of her (amazing) work!

Introducing Oh Joyful Day & A Special Offer!

Heart-warming and heart-felt, the work of Oh Joyful Day is some of my favorite!  This wedding stationery designer uses her unique hand-lettering skills with her love of color and whimsical touches to create dreamy stationery suites.  From invites to day-of pieces, her work is sure to wow!  See more of it in the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!

Plus, you can earn two free 8 x 10 prints when you book Oh Joyful Day to do your invitations and mention Burgh Brides!  The prints could be anything – bar menus, cards and gifts signs, vow prints, anything!