Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences

Before you hire a wedding photographer, you need to understand the differences in wedding photography styles! Not all editing styles are the same! However, if you don't spend hours and hours looking at photos like I do or if you don't know the variances, it can be hard to even tell there are differences in the first place. Slight nuances in light, shadow, and color can make a BIG impact in the way a moment and photograph is interpreted. In turn, this can determine how much (or how little) a photographer's work resonates with you. That's why understanding wedding photography styles BEFORE you hire a photographer is SO important! You don't want to regret signing that contract, do you?  Of course not! To make sure that doesn't happen, I brought in an expert (read: one of the BEST Pittsburgh wedding photographers around) – Leeann Marie Photography is guest posting today to school you on the differences in wedding photography styles!

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

From Leeann…

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are a million and one options to choose from (or so it seems, right?). You have to decide on a color scheme, design, centerpieces, dress – you name it! And in today’s wedding industry, it seems like there is a new option in your Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook feed every single day. So how do you make any decisions, when all of the choices are so beautiful?

Not only are there lots of choices in style when it comes to the design of your wedding day, but there are lots of choices in style when it comes to your wedding day photography. As with any form of art, the creation of wedding photography is all subjective to the artist and the way that they see the world. Imagery that they create typically has a “style” that resonates with their artistic side – and then hopefully with you!

As a wedding photographer who has been in the industry for ten years, I’ve seen a lot of styles develop, and – let me tell you! – a lot of them are really beautiful! I, as an artist myself, have a personal editing style that I am drawn to, and luckily my perfect brides and grooms love it as well! Currently, there are three big styles that are popular in the photography space, and I want to touch on each of them in today’s post!

Why is this important to understand?

As you begin to search for your perfect wedding photographer, it’s important to understand the exact editing style that you are seeking. You’ll want to make sure that you are comparing (at least somewhat) similar styles when researching wedding photographers. Otherwise, if you’re indecisive on style you could make a decision that comes back to haunt you after the wedding day is over! What will you do if you decide on someone with a “Light and Airy” style, and then after the wedding decide you would have liked a little more “Moody and Rich” edits?

There is nothing wrong with liking more than one style. In fact, I hire a photographer every year for family photos and choose a different style each time for the sake of variety! But with your wedding photography, you don’t (hopefully) get the chance to do it again every year! Study these styles and select an editing look that you are at peace with. Choose your look. Love your photographer.

Natural Editing

Perfect for the bride and groom who want a rich, elegant look to their wedding gallery, a Natural Edit will showcase bold colors and both highlights and shadows in an image. This editing style will contain very true-to-life color in all areas of the image. The look and feel of the images will be very akin to what you would see with your bare eye on the wedding day. The editing will typically be neutral to warm, and the style leans itself towards a medium to high contrast image.

This is the style that is most similar to mine. I love that this look has the potential to reap images that will look authentic to the wedding day environment for years to come. Here are some examples of a “Natural Editing” style.

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Light & Airy Editing

Perfect for adding a little gentle elegance or whimsy to your wedding photography gallery, a Light and Airy edit will showcase a soft palette beautifully, with less detail in the highlights and light shadows. This editing style will typically have a soft pink tone, and the look and feel of the images will be bright and light.  The look will not be what you saw with your bare-eye on the wedding day, and will be less contrasty, with light, pastel colors and greens that lean more towards a greenish/blue tint.

I love that this look features airy, outdoor weddings beautifully and is perfect for a hopeless romantic bride. Here are some examples of a “Light + Airy” style.

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Moody Editing

Perfect for the couples who wants to have more contrast and deep tones to their wedding images, a Moody Edit will showcase dark features and contrasting highlights and shadows wonderfully. This editing style will typically be more warm edits and contain lots of contrast and deep colors. The tones are typically not what you saw with your bare-eye on the wedding day, and will contain more distinction between the highlights and shadows of the image.

I love that this look is a modern style in wedding photography today, and pulls a lot of beautiful, rich tones into an image. Here are some examples of a “Moody” style.

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Which do you love?

Are you drawn to one particular style after reading more about them? Do you love them all? As I mentioned before, it’s important to truly understand your wedding photographer’s editing style and love it before, during, and after your wedding!

Another note: explaining these styles was hard for me!

They are all beautiful, but there are not just three looks to wedding photography. These groups are general, but even within a style there will be variations. What would I suggest? Look through here and decide which style you are most drawn to as a starting point. Ask your photographer about their editing style and how they would describe it, and also make sure that their galleries are consistent.

Then, when you are looking at wedding photographers you can at least do a Yes/No with them based on that initial decision. You’re now a more informed bride, and this will allow you to consider photographers who are at least in the same variety.

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides

Wedding Photography Styles: Understanding the Differences from Leeann Marie Photography and Burgh Brides


10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

For most brides, one of the funnest parts of planning that big day is wedding dress shopping!  There is nothing quite like trying on a gown for the first time.  It's a moment that most girls dream about their entire lives.  But for others, dress shopping can be overwhelming, stressful, and nerve-wracking.  Regardless of what type of bride you are, here are my top ten tips to making sure your wedding dress shopping experience is a good one!

Ten Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Burgh BridesGo on a weekday.

Saturdays are by far the busiest day for bridal salons.  And if you're like me, you don't do well in crowds.  My suggestion?  Bail on work if you can.  The stores will be quieter, you'll receive more attention, and you won't feel overwhelmed by all of the other weekend shoppers.

Make an appointment.

Some salons require an appointment; others strongly suggest it.  Before just showing up, make sure you do a little Googling.  If a store requires or suggests an appointment, make sure you comply.  It will only help to ensure that a consultant is ready and able to help you find the dress of your dreams upon your arrival.

Bring no more than two people.  Or bring more than that.  It's entirely up to you.

I know a lot of sources will tell you to not let a lot of people tag along with you.  I'm on the fence with this one.  It's a really special experience and some brides want to share it with their mom, his mom, their MOH, bridesmaids, grandmother, father, etc.  I say as long as you won't be swayed by a crowd's opinion and can choose a dress based on the your likes and yours alone, then bring however many people you want.

Don't eat a big meal before trying on dresses.

Nothing makes you feel worse about yourself than trying on designer dresses after stuffing your face.  And bridal sizes are skewed to begin with.  I love eating as much as the next person but I also know that I don't feel my best after a big meal.  Save the binge eating for after dress shopping!

Do your hair and makeup.

You don't need to go all out with a professionally-done face and coif, but try not to roll out of bed either.  Fixing your everyday hair and makeup is just enough but it will give you a better idea of what you'll look like on your wedding day.  After all, if you look the part, you play the part, right?

Know what you want to spend.

This will be one of the first questions bridal consultants will ask you.  Having a budget in mind will give them a starting point as they suggest dresses for you.  But more importantly, it will prevent them from putting you in a dress that you inevitably fall in love with but ultimately can't afford.

Do your research…

Have an idea of what you're looking for.  Again, this will give the consultants a jumping off point.  They'll be better able to help you if you know what shape or style of dress you're looking for.  Of course, bringing in pictures from magazines and social media is a big help too!

But be open minded.

Go into dress shopping with some ideas in mind but be willing to expand your horizons a little bit.  You never know what a dress is going to look like until you try it on and “the one” may be completely different than what you originally envisioned.  Allow the consultant to make suggestions and be willing to try one all sorts of styles, fabrics, and shapes.  You may find that your initial idea was spot on and that's ok too!

Don't expect the sample dresses to fit.

Ugh.  This can be really tough.  Most salons only stock one size of a particular style, and bridal sizing is SO FAR from real life sizing that it's kind of a joke.  I can't explain why but that's just how it is.  You're going to have to use your imagination a bit when trying on dresses.  The consultants will help you envision what that gown, when sized correctly, will look like on you.  But try not to be discouraged if the sample dresses don't fit you like a glove.

Be honest.

If you don't like something, say so.  You aren't going to hurt anyone's feelings.  Promise!  The consultant won't be offended if you aren't into a certain dress or just downright think it's ugly.  They will ask you lots of questions and they are looking for you to be truthful with them.  It's better to be straight forward than to be talked into buying a dress you don't really love.

BONUS TIP: Know that you may not cry.

Despite what the movies teach you, you may not shed tears when you finally find the dress of your dreams.  And that's totally ok!  It doesn't mean that it isn't the dress for you.  It just means you feel different emotions in that moment.  Either way, don't base your selection on whether or not you cried.  If you wait for the dress that brings you to tears, you may be waiting for forever.

What do you think?  Any other tips for wedding dress shopping?  What did you wish you knew before going into it?  Comment below!


A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea

Hey brides to be, have you ever thought about renting a wedding storage unit?  Ok, I know what you’re probably thinking but hear me out on this one!  A self-storage facility just might be the answer to many of your wedding planning woes.  From providing more space for all of that wedding STUFF to keeping your gifts in a safe spot until you move into your dream home, there are plenty of ways a self storage unit can help with wedding planning.  Here are just a few!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

An Automatic Extra “Room”

Wedding supplies can easily consume your entire life AND your entire living space.  If you’re already cooped up in your tiny apartment or just don’t have another bedroom to spare, consider renting a storage unit for a little extra breathing room.  With units ranging from 25 to 300 square feet (OR the equivalent of a standard closet all the way up to a two-car garage), Guardian Storage makes it easy to store just about anything and everything for your wedding.  And, they conveniently offer 17 locations throughout Pittsburgh.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

I’m a big advocate of sticking to your wedding budget!  A big party is NOT worth going into debt.  But renting a wedding storage unit might actually be more affordable than you think.  Most Guardian Storage units begin at less than $100 per month and there are a few tricks to drive the cost down even further.  Refer a new customer and you can even earn a $50 gift card, or pre-pay for the duration of your rental and receive a discount.  That’s more money that can go towards what really matters – the open bar at your reception.

A Place to DIY Your Heart Out

Grab your hot glue gun, scissors, glitter, and whatever other supplies you need for DIYing the heck out of your wedding decorations.  But rather than taking your dining room table, kitchen island, desk, or living room floor offline, hit the road and arrive at your very own do-it-yourself wedding oasis.  Many of Guardian’s units are large enough to fit a table and a few chairs, and they even have free Wifi so you can watch that YouTube tutorial over and over and over again until you get that DIY project just right.

Weddings Require A Lot of Stuff

When we got married, one of our spare bedrooms became the “wedding room” and it was where I stored all of the décor and supplies I purchased for the big day.  Well, that quickly spilled over into our second spare bedroom and before I knew it, our entire third floor was overtaken by wedding STUFF!  If you’re like me and tend to over-shop but don’t necessarily have extra space in your house, a storage unit can save you from drowning in wedding things.  From linens, chargers, and votive holders to bottles of booze, cookie table boxes, and favors, your pile of wedding reception supplies can grow FAST, and more clutter leads to more stress…the very last thing you need while planning your wedding.  Keep it out of site and out of mind (and in Guardian Storage’s hands) until the big day!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

With their free hand trucks and dollies, you can easily get all of that STUFF inside!

You’ll Be Getting Gifts Galore

Between the engagement party, bridal shower, and the actual wedding, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas morning all the time.  It’s so much fun when all of those gifts come pouring in, but what to do with all of them?  Use a storage unit to house your new flatware, towels, toaster, coffee maker, bedding, furniture, and other wedding gifts.  This will keep things organized and in picture perfect shape until you’re ready to use them or until you move in together.  (Speaking of which, here are some tips for newlyweds moving in together!) Don’t worry…your precious belongings will be in good hands with Guardian’s gated and passcode entry, 24-hour video surveillance, motion detectors, and climate-controlled storage units.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

This place is like a fortress!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

There's even an old bank vault door at their Bloomfield location!

Need more convincing?  Learn more about all of Guardian Storage’s security features.

She Sheds are the Latest Trend

There are lots of ways self storage helps with weddings, but they can also be a huge asset to the bride to be.  What “man caves” are to guys, “she sheds” are for ladies.  You can consider this storage unit a temporary home away from home.  Go there to destress from wedding planning, sip rosé with your bridesmaids, or just look at all those wedding planning magazines without interruption.  Whatever you do there, a storage unit can be your little girls only clubhouse…at least until the wedding day is over.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

Imagine this space filled with a fluffy chair, yoga mat, and a little table for your bottomless glass of wine! 😉

Have you ever thought about how to use a storage unit for wedding supplies?  Would you ever consider one?  How would you use it?  If you had one, how was it helpful during wedding planning?  For home and storage solutions after the big day, be sure to check out Guardian Storage!

A HUGE thanks to Guardian Storage for teaming up with Burgh Brides to bring you this post!  While I was compensated for my work, all writing, thoughts, opinions, and love for the brand are my own.  You can read my full sponsored content disclosure policy here.

Citrus Wedding Inspiration for Every Summer Bride

I don't mean to put the squeeze on you, but I think you're going to love this citrus wedding inspiration!  (See what I did there?)  Orange, yellow, coral, peach, and shades of green pack a big dose of Vitamin C…with C standing for COLOR!  Bright, bold, and anything but basic, this color palette is not for the faint-of-heart bride.  If you want to make a statement, get your guests talking, and infuse lots of organic and natural elements into your big day, this combo is for you.  From fresh peaches, lemons, limes, and clementine oranges to grapefruit, persimmons, and blood oranges, the tastes of summer can play a starring role in your wedding.  Treat your guests to a pink lemonade signature drink, homemade sorbet served in lemon halves, and a cake covered in candied citrus fruit.  For the decor, take a bite out of calligraphed rinds serving as escort cards, and floral arrangements of coral charm peonies, billy balls, tulips, ranunculus, hypericum berries, and even small fresh fruit.  If these shades are too shocking, use them sparingly with blush, mint green, or Caribbean blue.  Either way, these citrus wedding ideas are sure to please allllll of the senses!

Loving this citrus wedding inspiration?

What do you like about this palette?  Are you using any of these colors in your wedding day?  How so?  Comment below!

Revisit some of my other favorite color schemes!

Newlyweds Moving In Together: 7 Valuable Tips You’re Sure to Need

Whether you’ll be living with your soon-to-be spouse before the wedding, or you’re waiting until after you’re officially married, transitioning to a co-habitating arrangement is not easy.  And if you’ve been living on your own for a while, this new way of life can be even harder.  Blending two independent lives, styles, financial statuses, and even ways of organizing and cleaning can take its toll on a relationship.  To make the process a little less of a nightmare, here are seven tips for anyone – especially newlyweds – preparing to move in together!

Newlyweds Moving In Together: 7 Valuable Tips You’re Sure to Need from Burgh Brides

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

1.) Prepare to Compromise

If you ignore all of the other living together tips in this post, at least remember this nugget of wisdom.  Someone once told me that “Marriage isn’t about how many times you win.  It’s about how many times you lose.”  The point isn’t to see the relationship as a game, but rather it’s a reminder that marriage is about sacrifice and partnership.  Deciding whose bedspread to keep or which style couch to purchase isn’t worth an argument.  Be prepared to compromise and “lose” some battles.  Your relationship (and your partner) will thank you in the long run.

2.) Open the Lines of Communication

It’s no question that the secret to any great relationship is healthy and honest communication.  This becomes even more important when merging two daily lives together.  Swallowing opinions and burying feelings is a sure-fire way to build a wall between you and the other person.  So, if you dislike their taste in furniture or would reallllllly love to hang that piece of art even though they hate it, speak up!  You’re just as much a part of this relationship as they are, which means you get equal say.  Just keep it respectful, kind, and productive and you’ll be golden.

3.) Consider Self Storage

Running out of room for your things?  Until you decide what you want to do with it or until you purchase your dream home, a self-storage unit just might be the solution.  Guardian Storage has been offering the most convenient, secure, and reputable storage solutions to the Pittsburgh area for over 30 years.  At every one of their 17 local properties you’ll find climate-controlled units ranging from 25 to 300 square feet, 24-hour surveillance, covered loading docks, helpful full-time staff members, free moving carts and dollies at your disposal, and even packing and shipping supplies.  With “peace of mind” being their top priority, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in excellent hands until you’re ready to have them back in yours.

Newlyweds Moving In Together: 7 Valuable Tips You’re Sure to Need from Burgh Brides Newlyweds Moving In Together: 7 Valuable Tips You’re Sure to Need from Burgh Brides Newlyweds Moving In Together: 7 Valuable Tips You’re Sure to Need from Burgh Brides

New to self-storage and don’t know where to start?  Here’s how to choose the perfect storage unit for you.

4.) Consolidate Your Stuff

You don’t need two sets of towels, two toasters, or two coffee makers.  Take an inventory of who has what and then consolidate!  More “stuff” means more clutter and more clutter means more stress.  Embrace the minimalist life and only keep what you use or really need.  Better yet, if the items are well past their prime, add a request for an upgrade or replacement to your wedding wish list!  Don’t forget about these big ticket items you might not think to add to your wedding registry and this one MUST HAVE every newlywed home needs!

5.) Get Rid of the Junk

After you’ve consolidated, get rid of anything that didn’t make the cut.  Host a yard sale, put it on Craigslist or donate it; whatever you do, just get it off your hands.  Items that don’t bring you joy or serve a purpose have no business in your home.

To make the most out of your unwanted goods, consider donating them to one of the 40 community and non-profit organizations that Guardian Storage supports.  Throughout the year, they host various donation drives and community events where they happily accept office and school supplies for The Education Partnership, gifts for Toys for Tots, and at certain times of the year, items for Habitat for Humanity, Bethlethem Haven, and local food banks.  To find out when and where these events take place, follow Guardian Storage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

6.) Talk Money

No one likes to talk about money but it’s a necessary evil for anyone living together and sharing expenses.  Don’t be afraid to have a hard, honest conversation about finances.  You need to be on the same page when it comes to bills, savings, and splurges, and the only way to get there is to talk about it!

7.) Have Fun!

Remember that this whole process is happening because two people fell in love!  Moving in with your significant other is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life.  Try not to let the stress of moving and co-habitating weigh on you too much.  Remember to laugh at the chaos, lean into the craziness, and enjoy every single moment of your life together.

What are you most looking forward to when finally living together?  If you’ve already made the leap, what advice would you give to other newlyweds moving in together?  If you have other tips for couples moving in together, comment below!  For more home and storage solutions, be sure to check out Guardian Storage!

A HUGE thanks to Guardian Storage for teaming up with Burgh Brides to bring you this post!  While I was compensated for my work, all writing, thoughts, opinions, and love for the brand are my own.  You can read my full sponsored content disclosure policy here.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events

Still need a place to host your pre-wedding party?  Lucky for you, Kim of Olive & Rose Events is guest-blogging today about her favorite Pittsburgh bridal shower venues!  From downtown to the North Hills, the South Side to the Strip, there are hidden gem venues all over this city.  Some are charming, some of quirky, and some are downright classic.  But ALL of them are a perfect locale to celebrate your new relationship status!

From Kim…

Morning Glory Inn

Looking to host an elegant yet laid back garden party shower?  Morning Glory Inn is your place.  Formerly a row of 1892 townhouses, Morning Glory Inn oozes charm.  What better way to celebrate a special occasion than enjoying food and drinks with your loved ones in a gorgeous brick courtyard?  The rental fee and food prices are both reasonable and the on-site attendant allows you to relax and know that everything is being taken care of.  We also love that the retractable roof allows for a back-up plan in case of inclement weather.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


40 guests.  Please contact them for more information if your guest count is higher than that.

Helpful to Know

Showers are only booked on Sundays due to the amount of weddings that are booked on Saturdays.  Shower hosts may choose from the in-house caterer or a list of required caterers provided by the venue.


Built in 1889, Tarenbee was originally St. Paul’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Historical features abound including a working Estey antique pipe organ, original stained glass windows, antique hand-carved altar, and the original hemlock hardwood floors and exposed beams.  If you are a native Pittsburgher, you probably know Tarenbee’s owner, Michelle Wright from WTAE news.  Over the course of a year, Michelle and her crew undertook the renovation and transformation of this gorgeous space.  We love this space not only for its historic elements, but for the new upgrades including WiFi, a handicap accessible ramp and commercial kitchen.  You’ll also be hard pressed to find a shower venue big enough to accommodate up to 85 guests – making this the perfect choice if you have a large guest list!

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


Chapel Capacity is 50 – 85 guests and the Gathering room holds 20 – 40.

Helpful to Know

You are permitted to serve alcohol, but are required to obtain liquor liability coverage.  Tarenbee makes it easy to rent all the items you need for your shower including flatware, wine and champagne glasses, and chair covers.  Food and beverages may be brought in or party hosts may select a caterer.

Sapphire & Lace Cottage

It will only take you about 30 seconds on the Sapphire & Lace website to see why we are completely obsessed with the cottage!  The entire space is totally “Pinterest-worthy” and the ladies are an absolute delight to work with.  We love that the cottage offers two great packages that can really work with any budget.  Being able to bring in outside food and beverages is always a big cost saver and allows hosts to really customize the type of food they want to serve.  The Sapphire and Lace team are total design professionals, so they are going to ensure your event is both beautiful and memorable.


25 people for sit-down and up to 30 for cocktail style

Helpful to Know

The Sapphire and Lace ladies offer a bunch of fun a la carte options including upgraded linens, farm tables, floral centerpieces, a floral crown for the bride and a bouquet bar that can serve as a fun activity/favor for guests!


Charm, charm, and more charm.  This place exudes it.  PointBreezeway is actually Lauren’s childhood home and boasts two historical rooms, the Team Room, and the Speakeasy.  The space features floor to ceiling French doors, handmade café tables, and amazing natural sunlight.  We absolutely love that Lauren has created not just a venue, but a true gathering space.  The flexibility to bring in your own food and drinks is a huge plus and you truly need very little in the way of decorations.


Inside seating for up to 40 guests with additional outdoor seating

Helpful to Know

The rental fee includes use of the space for 4.5 hours, tables, chairs, dish ware, and glasses.  The lovely team at PointBreezeway will also supply fresh flowers for the tables, use of the house WiFi and Sonos speakers and a personal host that will assist with setup, logistics and breakdown.  You will also have an on-site parking attendant to direct guests.

Hotel Monaco

Trendy and gorgeous yet still welcoming would best describe Hotel Monaco.  From the unique décor to the amazing staff to the gorgeous view from the rooftop, everything at Hotel Monaco is designed to stimulate the senses and create an unforgettable experience.  When planning your shower, the linens, food, and alcohol are all taken care of by the hotel, so there's no need to coordinate with a bunch of different vendors.  Kristen, their Catering Sales Manager, is an absolute pleasure to work with and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


The Rialto Suite will hold 40 nicely, but the hotel has various spaces to accommodate groups of just about any size. If you’re a sucker for a rooftop on a gorgeous day, Hotel Monaco has one of the best rooftop spaces in the city.

Helpful to Know

There is a rental fee that includes use of the space for 4.5 hours, tables, chairs, dish ware, and glasses.

The Terrace at Hyatt House

Have. You. Seen. This. Terrace?  The tented area is such a romantic, gorgeous spot for your shower.   If you are looking for a venue that you’ll be able to basically walk into and have everything taken care of for you, Hyatt House is your spot.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


The Hyatt House offers three unique spaces that fit a group of just about any size.

Helpful to Know

You will work with a professional event coordinator to make sure your event is pulled off without a hitch.  Space rents for a four hour time slot.  Need rooms for out of town guests?  Hyatt House can help you create a room block with easy online booking.

Carnegie Coffee Company

Italy’s best espresso and hand-crafted food.  Say no more.  Carnegie Coffee Company is another totally “Pinterest-worthy” space located in the old Carnegie Post Office.  The décor is fun and inviting while still maintaining some of the building’s original charm.  The prices are great and the friendly staff will work with you to create a flawless event.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


If you are holding your shower doing business hours, the space accommodates up to 35 guests.  For events held after hours, the space boasts room for 150 guests.  During business hours, you will have private use of the mezzanine level.  After hours, you basically have access to the entire space.

Helpful to Know

If you opt for a shower during business hours, the food must be purchased from Carnegie Coffee Company.  You will have the ability to run a tab for guests’ drinks.  For after hour events, you may order food from Carnegie Coffee Company or bring in outside catered food.  After hours, there is a barista charge, but guests can indulge in unlimited drinks from the espresso bar, coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Slate Studio

Style and flexibility.  This place is a dream for anyone that really wants control over the look and feel of their shower or event.  You’ll be hard pressed to find any other venue in Pittsburgh that gives you such a beautiful blank canvas to design to your liking.  The team is a joy to work with and can recommend top vendors within your style and budget.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


Up to 125 guests

Helpful to Know

From the room layout to the vendors to the décor, everything can be customized and designed around your vision.  You have the flexibility to use any caterer or bring in your own food and drink.  You can serve alcohol at your event, but insurance is required.

The Union Hall at Bar Marco

Bar Marco is a full-service events space in a turn of the century firehouse building.  With its textured ceiling and huge windows, the space is absolutely gorgeous.  We love the look of the long banquet tables, but there are a number of ways to configure tables and chairs in the space.  The rental fee is quite reasonable considering everything that is included and the food is always amazing!

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides


Bar Marco can host showers for groups as large as 60 attendees.  If you plan on playing a lot of games or want more space for mingling, it would be best to cap your guest list at around 50.

Helpful to Know

As a “hospitality included” restaurant, you won’t need to worry about those pesky service and gratuity charges surprising you at the end of your party.

Smallman Galley

There are so many reasons to love Smallman Galley for a shower or special event.  The space itself is industrial cool perfection. Smallman Galley is actually two bars and four restaurants all in one space, which creates a totally unique dining experience.  They describe themselves as a restaurant incubator and food hall and because all four of the restaurant concepts partake in catering each event, the food is always guaranteed to be phenomenal!   If a good cocktail is your thing, they specialize in local, draft beer, small vineyard wines, and craft spirits and cocktails.

Favorite Pittsburgh Bridal Shower Venues from Olive & Rose Events featured on Burgh Brides

Stone Swiess Photography


Smallman Galley can accommodate up to 24 guests in the Private Dining Room and Patio areas and 100 – 200 guests in the entirety of the space.

Helpful to Know

Are you busting at the seams with creative ideas for your party?  Smallman Galley has an awesome Brand and Marketing Manager that would love to partner with you to make your event truly one-of-a-kind

Sage Green, Taupe, & Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Naturally elegant and subtly rustic, this sage green, taupe, & ivory wedding inspiration is both versatile and modern.  The earthy tone of taupe and the ever-classic ivory keep things neutral, but sage green adds just a soft touch of color.  Together, this muted palette is anything but boring.  Incorporate soft details with silk ribbons, airy fabrics and tons of fresh greenery.  Dress it up with metallic touches or dress it down with woodsy pieces; either way, this color palette is beautifully organic.  Head to my Pinterest board for even more sage green, taupe, and ivory wedding ideas!

Loving the idea of a sage green, taupe, & ivory wedding?

What do you like about this palette?  Are you using any of these colors in your wedding day?  How so?  Comment below!

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Honeymoon Must Haves Every Newlywed Will Love!

Whether you're headed to a relaxing tropical resort or busy European adventure, these honeymoon must haves are perfect for any newlywed!  Celebrate your “just married” status by treating yourself to one of these adorable Etsy finds.  From a cute tee that will let your fellow airplane passengers know exactly what you're celebrating to a travel scrapbook for documenting all of the fun you're bound to have, these items are sure to make your trip extra fun.  Head to my Etsy page for even more honeymoon must haves and my favorite take-along pieces for this vacation of a lifetime!

Honeymoon Must Haves Every Newlywed Will Love from Burgh Brides

  1. World Map Travel Scrapbook $30+
  2. Mrs. Custom Floppy Hat $28
  3. Honeymoonin' Tank $19
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Passport Holder $25
  5. Wifey Life Shirt $18.95
  6. Wifey Beach Cover Up $29.99
  7. Married AF Tee $16.99
  8. Personalized Honeymoon Beach Towel $38+
  9. Pair of Personalized Luggage Tags $19.99
  10. Travel Savings Shadow Box $28.74

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Wedding Planning Stress: 6 Ways to Deal with It

If you’re nerves are shot and you’re looking for a few ways to deal with wedding planning stress, you’ve come to the right place today.  I’ve said it many times before…weddings don’t have to be stressful.  They really don’t.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t.  I’ll be the first to admit that I wanted to rip my own hair out on several occasions when planning our big day.  And I knew what I was doing for the most part!  If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it can be totally overwhelming.  No wonder you’re stressed out!  But you’ve got to find ways to deal with all of those nerves and pressure.  Here are a few of my favorites!   

6 Ways to Deal with Wedding Planning Stress from Burgh Brides

1.) A No-Wedding-Talk Date Night 

Your fiancé might thank you for this one too.  Plan a special night for just the two of you.  It can be a fancy new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or even a night in sweats with plenty of wine, take out, and Netflix to go around.  Whatever it is, just make sure the topic of your wedding doesn’t come up.  Make it a wedding-talk free zone and I guarantee you’ll feel better in a few hours. 

2.) Step Away from Instagram

I love Instagram.  I really do.  I think it can be really helpful to brides at times.  But dang it if it can’t just confuse the heck out of you too.  After all, comparison is the thief of joy, right?  All of that scrolling may be leaving you with unrealistic expectations of your own wedding and stressing you out way more than you realize.  So step away from social media and just do what is in your heart. 

3.) Get Out of Your Own Head 

I’m an overthinker.  BIG time.  I analyze and I reanalyze and then I consult someone and then I analyze some more.  If you’re like me, STOP IT!  No, for real.  Worrying will get you nowhere and it’s probably part of the reason you’re so stressed out.  Make a decision and move on!  I guarantee the nitty gritty details that you’re agonizing over most likely won’t even be noticed by your guests. 

4.) Sleep On It 

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, right?  Wrong!  When Justin and I get in an argument, sometimes it’s best to just go to sleep.  I used to want to stay up and fight until the issue was resolved.  But he taught me that usually if we just go to bed, we both waking up having realized how silly we were being.  The same can be said for something that is stressing you out.  Sometimes the best thing you can do it just walk away and come back to it later.  You’ll feel refreshed and your head will be clear. 

5.) Work It Out 

Running, yoga, cross fit, whatever…just get those endorphins flowing.  Working out makes you feel better because you’re forced to focus on something else (like breathing, form, or generally just not dying because you are like me and work out once every 87 days).  Move your body and your stress levels are bound to go down! 

6.) Take Care of Yourself 

Girl, you can’t forget about numero uno!  Stress can wreak havoc on your health.  So make sure you’re getting enough rest, eating properly, and drinking a boat load of water.  Take a nap, read a book, go get a massage, or treat yo’ self to a new pair of kick ass heels.  Wedding planning is not worth risking your health!  So make sure your brain and body stay in tip top shape!     

What other ways can one deal with the stress of wedding planning?  How do you combat it?  Comment below! 

5 Tips for Giving a Killer Wedding Toast

Are you a best man, maid of honor, or even father of the bride?  Then listen up!  You have a BIG responsibility at the wedding…giving a toast.  Some people cringe at the thought of speaking in public, but it’s part of the job for these important wedding players.  In front of all of the couple’s family and friends, you have to honor them and acknowledge the significance of that special day.  It seems daunting (and downright terrifying for some).  But lucky for you, I’m dishing out my five best tips for giving a killer wedding toast! 

Don’t wing it.

Do some prep work.  You don’t need to write your toast out word for word (and if you do, please don’t read it that way from paper at the reception).  But you should at least have a general idea of what you want to say.  An outline or even a few bullet points are the way to go.  You have a very important job.  Don’t leave it to the last minute, going with whatever pops into your head in the moment! 

Keep it brief.

Seriously.  2 – 3 minutes MAX!  No one wants to listen to you go on and on…and on…and on.  Sorry, but it's the truth.  When I was a wedding planner, I had to sit through some painfully long speeches.  In fact, our own day-of coordinator told my dad he had 3 minutes for his toast, during which he said that he had paid for more than 3 minutes.  Everyone got a good laugh at his joke, but I could see some of our friends start to lose focus at about minute ten.  Sorry, Dad, I love you but far too long.  If you want to keep people’s attention, be concise! 

Be funny.

It’s ok to be funny when giving a toast.  Actually, it’s much more entertaining!  Crack a few jokes or one-liners and you’ll be a hit with the crowd.   

But limit the inside jokes.

The above bullet point has a caveat.  Tell jokes…but make sure the jokes will be understood by most in attendance.  Inside jokes are only funny to a few people; that’s what makes them inside jokes.  You may get a few laughs from those in the know, but the rest of the guests will be left wondering what’s so funny.  Leave the cool kid jokes for another time. 

Remember: It’s a toast, not a roast.

This is not your opportunity to embarrass the newlyweds!  Keep it clean.  Leave exes out of it, no dirty jokes, and don’t do or say anything that a.) you will regret later or b.) will upset the happy couple.  Instead, think good thoughts, speak to the future, and celebrate the love and accomplishments of the couples. 

BONUS TIP: Don’t drink too much beforehand.

I know it seems like a few glasses of wine could loosen the nerves, especially if you’re already dreading speaking.  But alcohol could have some other side effects.  Slurred speech or even a case of the giggles could ruin your toast and make it memorable for the wrong reasons (ask me about the best man speech at my wedding…).  Keep it light at the cocktail hour; you can party hard when you hand the mic back to the DJ. 

Any other tips?  Have you ever given a toast at a wedding?  What helpful advice did you receive, or what should others learn from your experience?  Comment below!