Ask Burgh Brides: Registries & Wedding Invites

There are a lot of times when I think etiquette is outdated and stuffy.  And then there are times when I agree with it 100%.  This is one of those latter times.

Ask Burgh Brides: Should Our Registry Info Be Included on Our Wedding Invitations?

Bride A writes…

Settle this debate, please: My sister, who is my MOH and planning my shower, says you don't include a registry card with the shower invitations, and instead you print it on the actual wedding invitations.  So, are the registry cards for the shower invite or wedding invite?

Please help me!

Sorry, A, but your sister is wrong on this one.  Including your registry information on your wedding invitation is a major faux pas and should be avoided at all costs.  Ideally, your registries should only be listed on your wedding website, which should have been included on your save the date.  When shower guests check your website, they'll find the registry info and the gift buying can begin.  However, including the registries on your shower invitation or on a small card included in the envelope is acceptable in this modern wedding world.

Don't believe me?  Let's ask an expert, shall we?  Jen of Blush Paper Co. says, “I'm a fan of tradition and etiquette!  It's true that gift registry information should be included on the actual bridal shower invite (or on a small, separate registry card, if you'd like!) and never, ever, included with your formal wedding invitations.”

What do you think?  Where did you list your registry info?  Comment below and help a fellow Burgh Bride out!

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