A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea

Hey brides to be, have you ever thought about renting a wedding storage unit?  Ok, I know what you’re probably thinking but hear me out on this one!  A self-storage facility just might be the answer to many of your wedding planning woes.  From providing more space for all of that wedding STUFF to keeping your gifts in a safe spot until you move into your dream home, there are plenty of ways a self storage unit can help with wedding planning.  Here are just a few!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

An Automatic Extra “Room”

Wedding supplies can easily consume your entire life AND your entire living space.  If you’re already cooped up in your tiny apartment or just don’t have another bedroom to spare, consider renting a storage unit for a little extra breathing room.  With units ranging from 25 to 300 square feet (OR the equivalent of a standard closet all the way up to a two-car garage), Guardian Storage makes it easy to store just about anything and everything for your wedding.  And, they conveniently offer 17 locations throughout Pittsburgh.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

I’m a big advocate of sticking to your wedding budget!  A big party is NOT worth going into debt.  But renting a wedding storage unit might actually be more affordable than you think.  Most Guardian Storage units begin at less than $100 per month and there are a few tricks to drive the cost down even further.  Refer a new customer and you can even earn a $50 gift card, or pre-pay for the duration of your rental and receive a discount.  That’s more money that can go towards what really matters – the open bar at your reception.

A Place to DIY Your Heart Out

Grab your hot glue gun, scissors, glitter, and whatever other supplies you need for DIYing the heck out of your wedding decorations.  But rather than taking your dining room table, kitchen island, desk, or living room floor offline, hit the road and arrive at your very own do-it-yourself wedding oasis.  Many of Guardian’s units are large enough to fit a table and a few chairs, and they even have free Wifi so you can watch that YouTube tutorial over and over and over again until you get that DIY project just right.

Weddings Require A Lot of Stuff

When we got married, one of our spare bedrooms became the “wedding room” and it was where I stored all of the décor and supplies I purchased for the big day.  Well, that quickly spilled over into our second spare bedroom and before I knew it, our entire third floor was overtaken by wedding STUFF!  If you’re like me and tend to over-shop but don’t necessarily have extra space in your house, a storage unit can save you from drowning in wedding things.  From linens, chargers, and votive holders to bottles of booze, cookie table boxes, and favors, your pile of wedding reception supplies can grow FAST, and more clutter leads to more stress…the very last thing you need while planning your wedding.  Keep it out of site and out of mind (and in Guardian Storage’s hands) until the big day!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

With their free hand trucks and dollies, you can easily get all of that STUFF inside!

You’ll Be Getting Gifts Galore

Between the engagement party, bridal shower, and the actual wedding, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas morning all the time.  It’s so much fun when all of those gifts come pouring in, but what to do with all of them?  Use a storage unit to house your new flatware, towels, toaster, coffee maker, bedding, furniture, and other wedding gifts.  This will keep things organized and in picture perfect shape until you’re ready to use them or until you move in together.  (Speaking of which, here are some tips for newlyweds moving in together!) Don’t worry…your precious belongings will be in good hands with Guardian’s gated and passcode entry, 24-hour video surveillance, motion detectors, and climate-controlled storage units.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

This place is like a fortress!

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

There's even an old bank vault door at their Bloomfield location!

Need more convincing?  Learn more about all of Guardian Storage’s security features.

She Sheds are the Latest Trend

There are lots of ways self storage helps with weddings, but they can also be a huge asset to the bride to be.  What “man caves” are to guys, “she sheds” are for ladies.  You can consider this storage unit a temporary home away from home.  Go there to destress from wedding planning, sip rosé with your bridesmaids, or just look at all those wedding planning magazines without interruption.  Whatever you do there, a storage unit can be your little girls only clubhouse…at least until the wedding day is over.

A Wedding Storage Unit: 6 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea from Burgh Brides

Imagine this space filled with a fluffy chair, yoga mat, and a little table for your bottomless glass of wine! 😉

Have you ever thought about how to use a storage unit for wedding supplies?  Would you ever consider one?  How would you use it?  If you had one, how was it helpful during wedding planning?  For home and storage solutions after the big day, be sure to check out Guardian Storage!

A HUGE thanks to Guardian Storage for teaming up with Burgh Brides to bring you this post!  While I was compensated for my work, all writing, thoughts, opinions, and love for the brand are my own.  You can read my full sponsored content disclosure policy here.

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