9 of the Best Wedding Planning Tech Tools for Brides

Who is still using a good old fashion three ring binder to keep their wedding planning organized?  Hey, there is nothing wrong with a modern day Trapper Keeper!  But in this day and age, technology makes it easier than ever for Type A personalities (like mine) to stay on top of tasks, especially when it comes to wedding planning.  If you prefer nerding out instead of traditional pen and paper, here is a list of the 9 best wedding planning tech tools for brides!

9 of the Best Wedding Planning Tech Tools for Brides from Burgh Brides

1.) Google Docs
Now you can keep track of RSVPs in Sheets, make sure your bridal party has the most up-to-date information with live Docs, and even embed a song request form on your wedding website thanks to geniuses at Google.  Sounds similar to Microsoft programs, right?  But can you access Word or Excel on your phone or iPad?   Google Docs let you manage your wedding planning documents from anywhere.  The best part is that you don’t ever have to worry about “saving” anything again; all of the docs are live and updated in real time.

2.) TripIt
Don’t forget about your honeymoon!  This free travel planning app lets you keep all of your flight numbers, reservations, confirmation numbers, and other travel details in one handy place.  It syncs with your calendar and email so you don’t need to spend extra time inputting information.  You can create itineraries to keep track of all those can’t miss-sites.  And because mom and dad will still worry about you even after you’re married, you can even share your trip information with loved ones back home.  You’ll never print out travel docs again.

3.) Flower Wheel
Head to your floral consultations and look like you know what you’re talking about even if you actually don’t.  For $2.99, Flower Wheel allows you to scroll through a library full of hundreds of floral options.  Search by color, by month, or just read the description attached to each image.  You can even save favorites to show to your florist later.  Make their job a little easier by sending yourself to bloom boot camp.  Plus, this app is just pretty to look at.

4.) Pocket Planner
This app, brought to you by Social Tables, helps with event calculations, including number of beverages, appetizers, waiters, even trash cans based on your total guest count.  Nothing is worse than not having enough of something at an event, be it beer, hors d’oeuvres, or dance floor space.  Running out shows poor planning and no one wants to look like they don’t know what they are doing.  Let this free tool help you with the right calculations from the start!

5.) Sunrise Sunset
Is there anything more beautiful than sunset photos?  Make sure yours are perfectly timed with Sunrise Sunset.  Linked to your GPS, this app gives you the exact sunrise and sunset times based on where you are down to the minute!  You can get some beautiful night time photos, or even catch that romantic sunrise you’ve been meaning to witness your whole life.

6.) Dark Sky
Another app that uses your GPS location, Dark Sky will predict the weather down to the very minute based on where you are. Worried about that rain cloud above your outdoor ceremony?  Use Dark Sky to determine exactly when that storm is going to hit.  You may have just enough time to sneak in vows or bridal portraits before those clouds open up!

Known as If This Then That, this free app has a world of uses but can basically make your life a million times easier by connecting your favorite apps.  For example, you can sync up your Instagram with your Twitter so that a photo posted to IG automatically also gets tweeted.  I use several “recipes”, as they are called, just to keep the blog up and running each day.  How could this be useful to brides?  Using a wedding hashtag?  Create a recipe that saves all photos using your specific hashtag to a Dropbox folder.  Collect your friends’ and family’s snaps in one fell swoop.  You can then set those same photos to be shared on Facebook.  Want a reminder email two weeks before your wedding anniversary every year?  IFTTT can do all of this, plus more.  All automatic so you can set it and literally forget it!

8.) Spotify
Looking for the perfect father/daughter dance song?  How about something to get the party started as you and your bridal party are introduced into the reception?  Let Spotify help with this.  Search through literally millions of tracks to put together the perfect playlist for your big day.  You won’t be able to download and save music to any devices, but you’ll at least be able to hand off a kick butt list of tracks to your DJ.

9.) RoomScan
Measuring tapes are so last decade.  RoomScan is to go to tool for room dimensions.  Draw up a quick diagram by tapping your phone on each wall of the room.  It works much the same as a laser measuring tape and it draws up a quick diagram.  You can even add doors, pillars, and other obstacles to create the most accurate look at available floor space, which is crucial for determining just how many guests you can squeeze into your backyard or that old school venue that can’t provide a floor plan.

Any other brides opting for a little help from technology?  What apps or programs are you using?  Comment below and fill us in on some other helpful tech tools!



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