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Contemporary and sophisticated, the work of So Fresh Films isn't your average wedding film.  It's quietly romantic, incredibly moving, and as real as it gets.  Nick and Lisa's goal is to tell the story of your love and your special day in a very unique way…because that's exactly what it is – unique.  This husband/wife team really strives to get to know YOU so that they can create a wedding video that is completely reflective and entirely yours.  In their hands, a combination of video, music, and spoken words become moving art that captures your essence while their appreciation for fine details and a vision for once-in-a-lifetime moments ensures that memories live on.  Believe me when I say this – the end result is nothing short of magical.  If you're looking for a wedding filmmaker who “just gets you,” look no further.

Tell me a little bit about your business!

We are So Fresh Films, a husband and wife team that has been working independently and collaboratively in the video industry for over a decade.  We have been shooting and delivering unique wedding films to couples since 2013.  Our passion for the medium has allowed us to experience many areas of video production, and we enjoy bringing this experience and professionalism to our wedding films.  We also love to travel; no destination is too far!

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

Our work is modern, real, carefree, and beautiful.  We get to know our clients by asking the right questions and learning about our couples’ families and friends.  We pride ourselves on being able to capture the essence of our clients and their weddings and combining their style with our vision.  From ballroom dance parties to backyard bonfires, we treat every wedding as unique as it is.

What is your ideal client like?

The couples we love to work with aren't afraid to make their wedding totally their own.  They also understand what is really important on a wedding day and can trust their vendors to do what we do best.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and love having fun with the guests and vendors on a wedding day, as it makes everyone more comfortable and creates the best moments to capture.

You make a lot of wedding films!  How are you able to make each one unique?

Sometimes clients see work on our website and want a film exactly like that.  While we appreciate the sentiment, we’re actually going to make something better suited to you for your film.  After delivering the final films we often hear, “How were you able to create something that is so perfectly us?”  We embrace and understand that every couple has a unique story, style, and personality.  To do this, we have to be able to read people, notice the details, and understand them on a deeper level, to understand where they come from, what motivates them, and how their relationship is unique.  That can be from something as small as the groom with an arm out to support his girl, or as big as a raging dance floor brought on by a college anthem.  It’s our job to notice those things, and they make a huge difference in crafting the final film.

What is your approach to cinematography?

There are three aspects of making a So Fresh film.  The first is the importance of capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments.  The First Kiss is only a first kiss once.  The First Dance as a married couple, the First Look before the ceremony, the speeches and wonderful words that are spoken about the couple…these Firsts must be captured flawlessly.  This leads us to the second aspect: technology.  We are experienced and proficient with our cameras and audio equipment, our backup and editing workflows, and all the other behind the scenes intricacies that go into creating a film.  This allows us to properly capture these Firsts, and all the little moments in between, before they are gone forever.  The third aspect is using the first two to create something that is unique and embodies the emotion of the wedding day.  All three of these aspects are tightly intertwined in order to create a film that is spectacularly suited to each couple.

What techniques do you use to help clients feel comfortable with you and in front of the camera?

All our clients have to do is be themselves; we’ll take care of the rest.  Also, having a drink to take the edge off isn’t a bad thing!  Wedding days can be stressful!

What emotions do you think your films evoke?

Our work is very real; our style could be defined as journalistic.  “Journalistic” sounds dry when speaking of emotions, but with this goal in mind, our responsibility is to tell the story.  Our client's personality is what takes precedence.  We’re not trying to make the wedding look beautiful; the clients already took care of that themselves.  We only want to convey the same emotions they had on the wedding day in order to relive it for many years to come.

What is your approach to editing?

The editing room is really where our style comes through.  Anyone can point a camera and put clips together to show “what happened” on a wedding day, but telling a story through footage and music is where the magic happens.

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