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There is something about a live musician that just kicks the extraordinary factor into overdrive.  And who doesn't want their wedding to be extraordinary?  Steven Vance Violin & DJ Music is so much more than their name suggests.  Sure, Steven can hook you up with a talented violinist, pianist, harpist, performing ensemble, or even a bagpiper.  But what the name of this company doesn't adequately describe is the ambiance they help create for your guests.  As Steven says, they “make people dance and sing, laugh and cry, and remember and forget.”  Music is powerful stuff and it can help bring to life whatever vibe you're going for…traditional and romantic, upbeat and fun, nostalgic, or contemporary.  No matter your style, Steven strives to bring it to life with music.  From classic compositions like “Canon in D” and “Spring” to modern day favorites from the likes of Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and even Journey (I mean, who doesn't love a good cover?), the versatility and talent of Steven and his musicians is unmatched.  As if all of this doesn't sound amazing enough, Steven also offers DJ services for when you just want your well-known favorites.  For ALL of your wedding day music needs, Steven is definitely the go-to guy!

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Tell me a little bit about your business!

We send everyone home happy with the finest professional musicians and DJs.  After 20+ years and 10,000 events, our goal has always been to make every special event extraordinary!  This is my full-time profession so I take it very seriously and, based on having won the “Best Of Weddings” award from The Knot and “Couples Choice” award from Wedding Wire five times each, I would say our couples have noticed.

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

Music is my superpower.  We make people dance and sing, laugh and cry, and remember and forget.  Your wedding is an important celebration and we would love to be part of it.  From the advance planning to wedding performances, we make great effort to get it exactly the way you want it.  Our goal is to put together an evening that reflects your tastes but fits your budget.  With our hottest new PopRock Violin and the one-of-a-kind Violin & DJ Package we can go contemporary or stay traditional with string ensembles, a harp, or a strolling violin.  Our DJs keep the focus where it should be – on you and your guests.

What is your ideal client like?

Our ideal couple has a respect and appreciation for how live music can accentuate their uniqueness, yet it still allows everyone to have a good time.  We give our couples the chance to be as involved or uninvolved as they want to be in the planning.  Our website provides the resources to start the planning process, but we are always available to answer questions.  Then, we do a full talk-through before the wedding to make sure we have it exactly the way they want it.

In what types of music do you specialize?

Each performance is crafted to the couple's tastes.  For the ceremony, genres range from classical to religious to contemporary.  During the cocktail reception and dinner, we can include anything from jazz to Italian, Irish, or pop and rock.  For the dance party, we are open to everything from Elvis and Sinatra, through Motown, the Beatles, disco, 80's, 90's on up to the latest hip hop, Top 40, country, and more.  Requests are always welcome.

How do you get to know your client's taste in music?

We ask.  Allowing our couples to make choices for the most important musical events of the day is the best way to get to know what they are going for.

How do you motivate guests to get on the dance floor and bust some moves?

We have our tricks and techniques but the bottom line is that we use a great variety of musical styles and incorporate the couples requests to keep the guests engaged and jumping on the dance floor until the last song plays!

How would you describe your emcee style?

Professional and classy without trying to be the center of attention.  We get the guests' attention, relay information or introduce an important moment, and then stay out of the way.

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