Scott Elliott, Professional Guitarist

If you're looking to add a little touch of class to your wedding day, hire a live musician.  Whether you have them play at your ceremony, cocktail hour, or even during dinner, the element of a live performance instantly takes your event from ordinary to extra special.  Scott Elliott is one such performer who can help with that.  A professional guitarist for nearly 40 years, Scott is a musical genius unlike any other.  He isn't a hobbyist guitarist.  Oh no, quite the contrary.  Scott plays with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, has played with several other major companies, and currently teaches at two universities.  He knows his stuff and he knows how to make it work for your wedding.  Professionalism and performance are his middle names and with a repertoire that ranges from jazz to adult contemporary, he's bound to fit your style while providing that dose of elegance that your wedding day totally deserves.

Tell me a little bit about your business!

You can trust me to do a professional and artistic performance at your private function.  The music is transparent – no vocals, no drum machines, no tapes or “looping” that might be intrusive to conversation.  I'm available for weddings, receptions, cocktails, corporate events, rehearsal dinners, house parties, holiday gatherings, wine tastings, brunches, etc., etc., etc…anything that might benefit from the added touch of live ambient background music.  I'm comfortable performing for an intimate dinner for two, or a reception of several hundred.  Repertoire ranges from Cole Porter to Eric Clapton, Disney to J.S. Bach.

I've been a professional, full-time musician since 1979, and a member of the Pittsburgh's Musician's Union since 1993.  My forte is unaccompanied Jazz, Acoustic (a.k.a. “Adult Contemporary”), and Classical guitar styles.  I've had decades of experience in this genre, as staff guitarist for the Upper St Clair Country Club (nearly 18 years), Alfano's at the Quail, and Palazzo 1837.  I've performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (2001 – present) as well as several other top performing organizations (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra, PGH CLO, PGH Musical Theatre, WV Public Theatre, etc.) and presently hold teaching posts in guitar at two large universities (WVU and  West Liberty University).

What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

Couples are often interested in veering away from the “traditional.”  For this reason, many consider guitarists for a modern, yet elegant twist for ceremony music.  I can arrange any piece of music for solo guitar, so having a song that has a special meaning for the processional is not a problem.

As a long time member of the Pittsburgh Musician's Union (1993 – present), and “1st call” guitarist for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, I can promise both professionalism and artistry in what I do.  I consider it an honor to be chosen for possibly the most important event in a client's life, and will do whatever I can to make that day exactly what they've envisioned.

What is your ideal client like?

My favorite clients tend to be a bit reserved or refined with more sophisticated tastes.  They would rather listen to soft Jazz with a glass of Cabernet than they would Metallica with a bottle of Bud.

Is there a genre of music in which you specialize?

Solo guitar – Jazz, Classical, and “Adult Contemporary”

How do you get to know your client's taste in music?

Since I can arrange music for guitar, I simply ask what songs they'd like.  I believe it should be their choice, and it doesn't need to be limited to “guitar” songs!

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