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Erin of Fresh Cut Prints is an artist, a calligrapher, and a designer, to name just a few of her talents.  She uses all of them to create unique, personalized wedding paper products that range from hand painted, watercolor save the dates to hand drawn, letterpress maps to help your guests get around town.  See more of her work and get to know Erin a little bit better in the Vendor Guide!

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Introducing Oakwood Photo + Video!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Oakwood Photo + Video, the latest talent to join the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide!  Whether you want them to capture your big day in pictures, on film, or even both, Alexa and Wes will do so with a rustic, boho style that is sure to set every free spirit's heart on fire.  Go see more of their photography and videography work and stay tuned for a BIG giveaway from them at the end of the year!

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A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Post Script Productions

I'm wrapping up the last of this summer's “A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of” series with a little look beyond the curtain of Post Script Productions.  Carolyn and Michele are two of my favorite people – they're sweet, fun to be around, and talented to top it off.  A couple of triple threats, if you will.  And, just like every wedding vendor, they work darn hard!  See just what I mean as they share this behind-the-scenes look at their work day at a recent wedding!

From Carolyn (CKB) and Michele (MH)…

Hi BB readers!  We’re excited to have you follow along as we give you the inside scoop on what happens when we film Christina and Ray’s Pittsburgh wedding!  Enjoy!


MH: I get to sleep in (yay!) and wake up at 9 a.m.  Brew coffee.  Shower.  Pick out an all-black outfit that’s appropriate to wear to a wedding but also something I can move around in!

CKB: Sleeping in on a Saturday = the best kind of Saturday!  And I got new black flats (a must) so I was particularly excited to put on my all-black today!  I text Michele some last minute info and check to make sure we aren’t going to wear the same top.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of: Post Script Productions, featured on Burgh Brides

MH: I drive to our office in the South Side and pack up our equipment.  I check and double check that we have everything we need.  Then I check one more time.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of: Post Script Productions, featured on Burgh Brides


11:20 a.m. – Head to the bride's parents house – always a great place for pre-ceremony footage.  So authentic and so comfortable for the bride, her bridesmaids, and family.

Noon – Was offered snacks upon arrival (so sweet!) by the mother of the bride and filmed the girls reminiscing about high school/college days.  Captured some great footage of the dress – great light in the dining room!

Filmed the father of the bride and his first look with this daughter – so emotional, I definitely teared up (as usual) during that moment.  Touched based with Alexis from SHE (we LOVE her) and captured some more amazing footage with Leeann (LOVE her too!) using our slider (one of our favorite pieces of equipment).

1 p.m. – Load up equipment and head to the church in my steaming hot car (sometimes I regret having black leather seats), but luckily it's not far away!


11:30 a.m. – Head to the guys’ room at the Omni William Penn downtown.  Found a close parking spot!  Helped two out-of-towners operate the parking meter.  Turns out they are friends of the bride!

Noon – Film the groom and groomsmen getting ready.  The groom’s three-year-old nephew has taken an interest in my camera.  I show him how it works.  I’m worried I’m going to have to pay him if he keeps helping me film.

12:50 p.m. – Grab some exteriors of the Omni William Penn.  IT’S SO HOT OUTSIDE.  Chug my water and eat a Rice Krispies Treat on the way to the church thinking, “I hope this church has air-conditioning.”

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of: Post Script Productions, featured on Burgh Brides


1:30 p.m. MH – Arrive at the (air-conditioned) church and unload equipment.  Talk with the church coordinator to get her approval for where we will be standing.  This is VERY important!  We are always respectful of the rules at ceremony sites.

1:45 p.m. CK – Arrive at the church and unload all equipment.  Touch base with Michele to figure out the best locations for us to film during the ceremony – strategy is key based on lighting, lenses, where the couple will sit/stand/kneel, etc.!  We always have one person at the front (usually me) to capture the bride walking down the aisle and one person near the back to capture a wide shot of everything.  We only move around a bit during the ceremony and only when needed so as to not disturb the service or be distracting.

About 10 minutes before the ceremony starts, Carolyn puts a lavaliere microphone on the groom.  We do this so we ensure we clearly capture one of the most important moments – the vows!  But, not to worry, the mic feed goes directly into our cameras…NOT the church’s speaker system 🙂

2:30 p.m. – Ceremony begins.  We hit record, critically observe everything that’s happening around us, and try to be invisible.

3:45 p.m. – Phew, it was long ceremony!  Carolyn runs out to film the bubble exit.  Then back into the church to film the photography session.  We pack up the cars and head back to the Omni William Penn.


5:10 p.m. – This time, there’s NO parking.  We park in a garage and get our daily workout by carrying all of our equipment a few blocks in the heat.

5:25 p.m. – Arrive on the 17th floor.  Hide our equipment in the balcony so guests can’t see it.  Michele begins filming reception room details while Carolyn films guests at cocktail hour.  We both toss back a nice, cold glass of Diet Coke and now we’re ready to rock n roll!

6:30 p.m. – Get in position for bridal party entrances and the blessing.  Michele is up in the balcony and Carolyn is on the main level.  Two angles make for a more interesting film, plus it eliminates the chance of someone blocking our shot.

6:45 p.m. – Dinner!  We chat with the band, the photographers, and the planners during our one-big-happy-vendor-family meal.  Michele catches photographer Leeann taking a photo of her while she’s eating because we told her about this blog post.

Thankful to our couple for getting us a super delicious meal and thankful for Alexis and the women of SHE for asking for our preference and making sure we eat!!

7:30 p.m. – Back out to film the first dance (more tears), parent dances (tearing up AGAIN), toasts, and cake cutting.  In addition to filming the main events, we also film reactions from the bride, the groom, and the guests.  Capturing those moments make the film more impactful.

8:30 p.m. – The dance floor is open!  We are constantly scanning the crowd for great moments.  The mother of the groom is dancing with the ring-bearer…college friends just took a funny photo…the “quiet” uncle has let loose and is busting out some “interesting” dance moves!   We love it!

The Omni William Penn is a beautiful place to film – usually it has great lighting, and there's a balcony which allows us to get great overhead shots of the entire room before and during the reception to capture the true “look and feel” of the space.

10 p.m. – We’re finished!  Pack up the equipment.  Hit up the cookie table (the parents always insist!).  Say goodbye to the bride and her mom and thank them for having us.   Say bye to our “friendors” Leeann and Alexis, too.

10:15 p.m. – Walk back to the garage together (safety first).  Take equipment back to the office in the South Side.

MONDAY and beyond…

Monday morning, we’ll transfer all the HD footage onto the computer for editing (this takes a few hours!).  The next few weeks are spent combing through every frame of footage to select the best clips.  This is also when Michele and Becca (our assistant editor) both agonize over finding THE perfect music tracks to feature in the film.

During our busy season, it can take up to a few months to edit a couple’s trailer, wedding film, ceremony, etc.   We pride ourselves on crafting something beautiful that couples will watch and share with the families for years.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of: Post Script Productions, featured on Burgh Brides

An example of the final product some of our couples receive!

BB here…

I don't know what is funnier…the fact that Carolyn and Michele coordinate outfits or the fact that they conveniently left out the photo Leeann took of them eating.  Regardless, these two dance circle around me when it comes to hard work…and they do it with really expensive cameras in their hands.  Talk about a pair of bosses.  Ladies, thanks so much for sharing your work day with us!  Now go take a nap already…

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Introducing Chloe + Isabel from Amy Hart & a Giveaway!

Whether it's a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or even a hair piece, your bridal accessories help bring your wedding day look full circle.  It just so happens that Chloe + Isabel has all of that!  Local lady Amy Hart loves working with brides to find the perfect piece for their big day.  Not getting married but just looking for a new, affordable piece of everyday jewelry?  C+I has got you covered.  No matter your style – boho, classic, statement, or chic – you're bound to find something you love from Chloe + Isabel.  Check them out in the guide!

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A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of: Cara Rufenacht Creative

As summer winds down, I'm closing up this wedding season with a few more episodes of “A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of” series.  Today's guest blogger?  Cara Rufenacht Creative!  Cara is pretty much the funnest, happiest person I know and she's a total BA photographer too.  Her work speaks for itself but what really sets Cara apart is the way she connects with her clients and goes totally above and beyond for them.  From snapping selfies to picking bugs out of a veil to pulling a row boat ashore, see just a few of the crazy, cooky, but oh-so-thoughtful things Cara does on a wedding day in this behind-the-scenes look!

From Cara…

Today, I am photographing Marissa and Matt’s wedding at The White Barn.  I love these two humans, and I can’t wait to celebrate with them.

If there is only one thing you take from this post I hope it is that wedding days are FUN.  Are they a lot of work?  YES!  But I like to think of it as an all-day adrenaline rush of joy.

Leading up to this day Marissa, Matt, and I have met several times and corresponded countless times via text and email.  We did an engagement session together, which is so helpful for me to see how they interact with one another.

On the day before the wedding, I will spend a few hours packing and organizing my gear, printing our timeline for the day, and looking back through Marissa and Matt’s engagement photos.  This helps me remember which poses were the most comfortable for them and how I can help them relax and enjoy the moment tomorrow.

8 a.m.Wake up and make cappuccino, then eat breakfast.
I eat big breakfasts on wedding days because I probably won’t eat lunch.  This morning, I’m having waffles that I eat outside on the back patio.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

9 – 10 a.m. – Get ready and pack the car.
My goal is always to blend in with the wedding guests; I want to look like I am going to a wedding – not serving food at a wedding.  I usually wear a dress and shoes with good arch support.  Photographing a wedding in ballet flats is for young people.  I have old lady feet.

Time for my first selfie…oh boy…I should have practiced for this…

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

…on second thought, I’ll take a selfie with my dog, Flash – she’s cute and everyone loves dogs.  There.  That’s a little better…

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

10:30 a.m. – On the road.  First stop, more COFFEE!
I always stop at my favorite local coffee shop, Tazza d’oro, on wedding days.  Italian cappuccino to go, please!  A caffeinated photographer is a happy photographer.  Next stop, The White Barn.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

Noon – Arrive at The White Barn.
First things first, I check in with the bride and let her know I’m here.  Marissa knows I’m writing this post so we snap a quick photo of us while she is getting her hair done.

Blurry selfies mean we’re having fun, right?

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

The next few hours are usually the busiest of the day because they have a hardest deadline – the ceremony.  Marissa and I have a timeline that we put together so things go smoothly.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

I have a second photographer working with me today, the one and only Susan Stefko.  Susan takes care of the guys' photos while I stick with the ladies.  Today’s wedding is all in one spot so I also photograph the reception details before the ceremony as well.  There are gold dinosaurs incorporated in their decor!  I’m in love!

3:30 p.m. – Time for the ceremony.
This is the most important part of the day (and the reason we’re all here in the first place!).  This is also the part where I try to be the most invisible.  I want the guests focused on what’s happening up front, not on what I’m doing.  This is where a second photographer comes in handy; now Susan and I can document both Marissa and Matt’s facial expressions without having to move around a lot.

4 p.m. – First kiss and ceremony exit (my favorite part of the wedding day)
Now that is a first kiss!!  Well done, Matt and Marissa!  The ceremony exit is my all time favorite part of a wedding day.  There’s so much joy in this moment!

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

4:15 p.m. – Family photos (nobody's favorite part of the wedding day)
Family photos are often the most stressful part of the day.  We planned for this though; Marissa and I already know the list of family photos I’m going to take.  We move through them quickly and everyone is happy.

4:35 p.m. – Wedding party photos
We already took the individual photos of the guys and girls so we’re just doing big group photos now. This is the part of the day where I tell my best jokes to make everyone laugh.  Just kidding; I make the best man do that. 🙂

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

4:45 p.m. – Bride and groom photos
This is the time I’ve waited for all day.  These are the photos I love and the reason I do this job.  My goal is to be calm and to help them relax – the last few hours were a whirlwind of emotions.  Sometimes that means I tell them how beautiful they look and other times that means I wrangle balloons and make sure there are no bugs in the veil.  I do whatever it takes to help them relax and enjoy the moment.  This is one of the only times they will be alone together on their wedding day and I want them to savor it.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

 5:15 p.m. – Reception begins.
From here on out, I’m documenting events as they happen.  The entrance, first dance, and toasts are up first, followed by dinner.  This is when I start drinking Sprite.  I will drink at least four glasses of Sprite over the next couple hours.  I don’t drink pop except for on wedding days and I only drink Sprite because it is caffeine free.  I can’t have caffeine after 4 p.m. or I’ll never sleep.

Susan and I eat dinner on the deck outside the barn.  We eat while everyone else is eating because, let’s be honest, nobody want’s their picture taken while they are eating.  The staff at The White Barn is so nice to their vendors; they serve us what the guests are eating and even give us silverware!  You guys, I cannot even tell you how hard it is to find a fork sometimes.

7 p.m. – Dancing starts.
Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances are up next and then it’s time to party.  The dance floor is full all night.  This wedding party knows how to have a good time.

At some point, I put down my camera to go get a Sprite and the father of the bride pulls me onto the dance floor.  Oh no, what is happening?  This is not part of my job description!!  Awkward.  Susan, HELP!  She laughs and takes a photo of me looking nervous; thanks Susan.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

Note to self: never put down your camera, even for Sprite.

8:15 p.m. – Sunset photos
I’ve been watching the light for the last hour and it’s go time.  I grab Marissa and Matt for a few photos in the rowboat on the pond.  We move quickly because the light is fading and I don’t want to keep them away from their guests.  This when I do a lot of running around the pond and laying in the grass.

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

When we’re done, it is time to help them get out of the boat.  If you are wondering, this is what I look like trying to pull a rowboat with two people in it onto shore. 🙂

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

Luckily, this strong man came to help us.  Thank you, strong man, whoever you are!

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

9 p.m. – Time to head home.
One more selfie with the bride and she gives me a big hug as I’m saying goodbye.  Happy bride = happy photographer.  I think I’m getting better at these selfie things, maybe…

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

Lastly, it’s time to say goodbye to my second photographer.  Susan knows how to take a good selfie; winning!

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

10:20 p.m. – Download.  Shower.  Couch.
When I get home from the wedding, the first thing I do is to start downloading the images.  Then, I shower and lay on the couch with Flash.

As you can see, Flash is way better at falling asleep than I am.  Even though I’m exhausted, I never fall asleep quickly on wedding days.  My brain is still going a mile a minute from all the events of the day, or maybe from all that Sprite I drank.

It was a crazy, fast, and fun day.  I can’t wait to do it all again!

A (Wedding) Day In The Life Of Cara Rufenacht Creative from Burgh Brides

BB here…

Ok, I'm just going to go ahead and say what I know everyone is thinking…does Cara have the world's cutest dog or what?!  But in case you hadn't already noticed, Cara is pretty awesome herself.  I mean who else is going to pull their clients out of a row boat on their wedding day…while wearing a dress herself?!  Talk about dedication!

A big thanks to Cara for letting us follow her around for the day!  Girl, you deserve all those Sprites!

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A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design

When I first started the “A (Wedding) Day in the Life of” series, I didn't really know what to expect.  From my days as a wedding planner, I had a pretty good idea of what all went into actually pulling off a wedding without a hitch.  From the makeup artist to the caterer to the photographer to the venue coordinator – I knew each of them worked really hard.  But even I've been surprised at these behind the scenes posts from some of my favorite vendors!  And when I got to read about not just a day but a WEEK in the life of Jody Wimer, CEO and Creative Director of JPC Event Group and Garnish Event Design, I was FLOORED!  You're going to be exhausted just reading this…I know I was.  But hey, anything to make your clients happy, right?  At least if you're Jody.  So grab your coffee, settle in, and get ready to read about a crazy amount of hard work, all in the name of a few satisfied brides and grooms!

From Jody, but first a little quote from a famous Pittsburgher…

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision – the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
― Andrew Carnegie

Good day, everyone!  I am Jody Wimer and I’m excited to welcome you into a day in my life at Garnish Event Design/JPC Event Group as the CEO and Creative Director!  As I was preparing to bring you along to work with me, I soon realized that in order for you to get an actual glimpse into my completely crazy, (but would-not-change-it-for-the-world) life, I could not just share one day…I had to share my entire week!  Yes, that’s right – one whole week!  A day in the life of a planner would simply not exist without the years, months, weeks, and days leading up to the actual event, but a week is a good micro-capsule of the process culmination.  So hands inside the car please, and get ready, here we go……!

The team at Garnish Event Design/JPC Event Group is comprised of multi-talented people that bring expertise and experience in many fields to our client base.  We are designers, we are florists, we are caterers, we are event planners, and most importantly, we are 100% dedicated to our clients.  We truly do everything possible to make sure that our client’s event or wedding has surpassed their vision and created a memory that will last a lifetime!  It is our job to pay attention to the details and the devil is in those details!  So much of my week revolves around meeting those client goals, motivating my team, and working side-by-side with them.

It is Sunday, and we catered a wedding today at Rustic Acres Farm.  As evening descends, I reflect on the very full week ahead of me.  I give myself a few moments to mentally prepare for the days to come and make strategy lists in my handy Emily Ley Day Planner.  Paper goods, florals, custom art projects, and collaboration will all be in full effect to get ready for this upcoming weekend’s weddings.  Alongside that, I also have a styled photo shoot at Rustic Acres Farm arranged with the sweet and fantastic Eva Lin Photography on Tuesday night.  I am also designing fresh florals for a new professional acquaintance, Bona Fide Photography, for the sunset photo shoot she is coordinating on Sunday to end the week.  I have so very much to do, and little time to do it.  It’s go time!


  • Starbucks in hand = ready to go.  (Venti Iced Shaken Black Tea, yes please!)
  • 300+ menu cards, escort cards and programs have been custom designed and are back from the printer and ready to be cut and assembled for “Wedding A”.
  • Flowers for our Rustic Acres Farm photo shoot arrive and need to be processed.  (Hello, peonies, white roses, anemones, and lush greens galore!)
  • Dress for photo shoot arrives.  (Thank you, Joanna August & Bella Bridesmaids.  All lace and simply gorgeous!)
  • I spend time authorizing and approving farm orders for food supplies with Rohn, our executive chef, and discussing staff schedule ratios for the next two weeks of events with Joanna.
  • Jena and I discuss upcoming blog topics for our websites and respond to collaboration inquiries.

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides


  • 9:30 a.m. – Staff meeting!  I use this time to keep my team focused and prepared for our weekly goals and tasks.
  • A large amount of florals for “Wedding A” arrive for processing.
  • I prepare all the florals for the Rustic Acres Farm photo shoot (bouquet, flower crown, boutonniere, vintage bicycle basket, and ceremony accents)!
  • Set-up at Rustic Acres Farm takes place – all hands on deck.  Literally.
  • Rick takes the vintage boat out on the pond to check for leaks!
  • 5:30 p.m. – The models arrive for hair and makeup.  Caitlyn did a fab job with Ashlee’s braided updo.
  • 7 p.m. – Photo shoot time with Eva and the models!
  • Tear down of all photo shoot floral and décor (and that adorable vintage boat).
  • 10 p.m. – Arrive back at office to clear some emails and my burgeoning stacks of things to look at on my desk.  I also check out the event pack lists from the event planners to double check for equipment overlaps, things that I feel would match the themes best, and just a general once over for back up.

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

Here are a few sneak peeks of Eva’s finished photos!  She sure does know how to work the magic with her camera!


  • More Starbucks please!
  • Florals for “Wedding B” arrive for processing.  (Our floral delivery person has been at the office so many times this week, he is starting to feel like family.)
  • All floral decor and accent equipment is pulled from inventory for both “Wedding A” and “Wedding B”.  (Over 100 assorted items of bowls, vases, birdcages, vintage books, and more!)
  • All equipment necessary for set-up is packed on JPC Event Group box trucks for “Wedding A” at Rustic Acres Farm and “Wedding B” at the The Terrace at Hyatt House.
  • All processed florals for both “Wedding A” and “Wedding B” are sorted based on personal florals, ceremony florals, centerpiece florals, and so on to prepare for arranging tomorrow.
  • A much needed haircut is squeezed into the afternoon (we call this #lifeafterweddings).
  • I work late into the evening catching up on client billing review, new contract generation, and some accounting tasks.  (This is the less glamorous side of business.)

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides


  • Three more days.  I can do this!
  • Floral day for “Wedding B” – Similar to “Wedding A” in color (shades of soft pinks, blush peach, and whites) but very different in style!  “Wedding B” is styled with a fun, summer feel, and their soft florals coordinate wonderfully with their navy and pink color palette!  Four diverse centerpiece looks for the tables, five bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, mother’s clutches, and more.
  • Pizza lunch from our favorite local place – Guido’s.
  • Succulents and herbs are potted by Rick for adorable centerpiece garnishes.
  • Joanna completed the moss covered table numbers 1-24.
  • Trucks and vans of furniture, chivari chairs, china, and equipment are being loaded out of our stockroom all around us by Ed and his team.
  • Deliveries are being made to Rustic Acres Farm to prepare for event set-up.
  • Food, linen, and the last minute specialty floral items are delivered from our various wholesalers and farms.
  • Uniforms are being pulled by size for each of our events for the weekend and client gifts are being prepared.

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides


  • It’s Friday!  I am in the office bright and early this morning.  Bagel and cream cheese, donuts for the staff, the #GirlBoss Pandora station in tune, and I am ready to go.
  • Floral day for “Wedding A” – This garden glam wedding is going to be nothing short of fabulous! We have designed six different centerpiece looks that are all unique and loved by the soon-to-be Mrs.  From soft Juliet garden roses to statement-making succulents, this wedding will have it all. We also have arranged for custom-made lettering to hang above the couple’s sweetheart table among a bed of florals, and the gracious willow tree at Rustic Acres Farm will be covered in a floral-filled vine.  Romance, romance, romance.  Enough swooning.  I have 12 bouquets, 17 boutonnieres, mother’s wristlets, and other bridal flowers to create!
  • The team comes together in a great way to accomplish a staggering list of floral and décor projects today.
  • Jen and Caity oversee wedding rehearsal at the farm at 6 p.m.
  • I check in with the culinary staff to see how food prep is progressing and get the thumbs up.
  • Jason completes the gorgeous ceremony site signage and the lettering on the rustic wooden “guest book” that inventory manager Ed built.

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides


  • Happy Wedding{s} Day, everyone!
  • 7 a.m. – At the office bright and early to finish last minute floral touches and two bridal bouquets.
  • 10 a.m. – I ice the “naked-style” wedding cake for Chef Rohn and garnish it with fresh florals for Wedding “A”
A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

Dawn Derbyshire for Sky's the Limit Photography

  • 10 a.m. – Linens are on the tables and Jen has begun Month of Coordination duties at Rustic Acres Farm.
  • 11 a.m. – Bride and bridesmaids arrive at the farm's Bridal Cottage.
  • 11 a.m. – Vendor deliveries have commenced.
  • 12:30 p.m. – All florals loaded in JPC Event Group box trucks and are on their way to the appropriate venue.
  • 1 p.m. – Service staff are loaded with culinary team and headed to The Terrace at Hyatt House with Rick and Chef Logan.
  • 1:30 p.m. – Florals arrive at Rustic Acres Farm and we have begun set up.
  • 2 p.m. – Florals arrive at The Terrace at Hyatt House and the team begins set up.
  • 3 p.m. – midnight – PARTY CENTRAL at both locations, filled with delicious food, beautiful florals and above all…HAPPY CLIENTS!

(A sneak peek of Wedding “A” at Rustic Acres Farm, courtesy of Dawn Derbyshire for Sky’s the Limit Photography.)

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

(A sneak peek of Wedding “B” from Jena’s cell phone.)

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

  • While the teams are out working hard in the heat, I head back to the office to create a floral crown, boutonniere and bouquet with coral charm peonies (MY FAV), and other colorful summer florals for tomorrow’s photo shoot.
  • I take a break from creating to deliver chilled bottled water and popsicles to the team at the farm because I know it is so hot for them out there, and then head back to the office.
  • Next, I complete six table centerpieces and two food display floral pieces for a bridal shower taking place on Sunday at The Terrace at Hyatt House.
  • By midnight, I am cleaning up, sweeping the floor, and excited to see the first of the team members arriving back at our headquarters with the first stories of great events!
  • Man, I am exhausted….but happy.  And proud of our team!

(A sneak peek of the Bona Fide Photography photo shoot.)

A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Garnish Event Design, featured on Burgh Brides

At each week’s end, I am thankful for the blessings of a loyal and dedicated team, gracious clients that believe in us, and the gift of a creative life.  I appreciate you hanging out with me this week.  Come back anytime!

BB here…

(hangs head in shame because the list of things I accomplished in the past week (maybe month?) pales in comparison to what Jody did.  What sort of energy supplement is she taking and where can I get it?)

But for real…let's all bow down to the QUEEN.  There is a reason why Jody and her companies have the reputation that they do.  It is because of this kind of work ethic, their out-of-this-world creativity, and an unyielding devotion to their clients that put Garnish Event Design and JPC Event Group in a class literally all by themselves.  Jody, can I send you and your team a gift???  Donuts?  Coffee?  An all-expenses-paid trip to a remote island for a little R&R?  You all totally deserve it!

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Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry
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Introducing Chestnut Ridge Resort & a Giveaway!

Looking for a wedding venue outside the city that offers luxury, beauty, amenities, AND world class service?  Enter Chestnut Ridge Resort.  A hotel, golf course, spa, conference center, and event venue wrapped into one, Chestnut Ridge is versatile and unique.  Head to the Vendor Guide to read more of what they have to offer!

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A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry

Last summer, some of my favorite friends gave you a behind the scenes look at what a day in their life as a wedding vendor looks like.  (To refresh your memory, head here, here, here, here, and here).  Because that series was wildly popular, it's back!  I'm so excited to team up with five more awesome vendors to let you in on a little secret – they work DAMN hard for you!  I don't think most couples realize how much time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears go into making sure their wedding day is spectacular.  Hopefully, this series will give you not only an idea of just how hard your vendors work for you, but also a new appreciation for them and all they do.

First up is Mandy of Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry!  Whether their look is natural or totally glam, most brides hire a makeup artist to make sure they look smokin' hot on their wedding day.  But a MUA (a good one, anyways) will do SO MUCH MORE than just apply some product to your face.  Keep reading to find out just what I'm talking about.

From Mandy…

This is it!  The hours of emails, phone calls, makeup trials, and emotions all come down to today…your wedding day!  But first, let me back up…

Months before the wedding, I begin my journey with the bride and groom.  I spend time with her over the phone, emails, cards, and texts because I want to get to know her better and I want to understand what her dreams are for the wedding and how she wants to feel.  The makeup trial is one of the best parts for me.  Not only do we get to perfect her look for her wedding day, but I get to really know her, laugh with her, and help her feel at ease.  I love helping the bride realize how beautiful she truly is – inside and out.  I strive to be someone who she will look at and say “Oh good, Mandy’s here!” on the day of the wedding.  I want her to have fun.  I want her to relax.  Most of all, I want her to be worry-free.

The day before any wedding, I make sure to text the bride and encourage her to have a great time at the rehearsal and to take in the moments and emotions she’ll experience.  I love reminding my brides what all the planning, time, and stress are really all about: marrying the love of their life.  Once the message is sent, I review the look and colors used at the makeup trial so I know exactly what needs to be done in the morning. I gather and organize all the makeup and supplies needed, pack up my car, and then settle in for a relaxing evening.  I know it will be a big day tomorrow, so a low key night with my hubby and kiddos is the perfect way to end the day.

I wake up super excited and ready to get the day started.  Usually, it is early.  Very early.  Honestly, I rarely sleep well the night before a wedding.  I’m not sure if it is because of the constant practicing in my head of how the next day will be, or if I just get so darn excited to see the bride and help her start her day off perfectly!  After waking up, saying a quick prayer asking God to allow the day to run smoothly and to be with the bride and groom on their special day, I get ready.  I grab my coffee, two bottles of water, a couple of protein bars (because who has time to eat when there are so many pretty ladies to pamper?!), and tiptoe out the door, hoping to not wake the kiddos on the way out.

The next few hours are usually a blur of excitement, nerves, and joy.  I greet the bride with a hug and we get started.  We all know how important timelines are the day of the wedding, and I feel the pressure, knowing that I am the beginning of that timeline.  If I’m running late, everyone will run late, and that will not happen.  I have allowed a cushion of time for anything unexpected that might – and always does – pop up (the groom needs some covering up of his acne, eczema, or dark circles; the bridesmaids are late because they were lost so we now start late; the one bridesmaid who was going to do her own makeup decided she now wants hers professionally done; the two grandmothers who weren’t expected to be there until later in the day would now like pampered too; the bridesmaids decide they want fake lashes now – all seven of them; and the list goes on and on).  Inevitably, the “pop ups” happen, and my anxiety kicks in because I realize that wiggle room time I had planned on is now gone.  I take a deep breath and focus.  I make sure the bride will not be able to sense my anxiety because this is not her problem; it’s mine.  Her job is to be excited, relaxed, and enjoying her morning, so she will not even sense the time crunch I am feeling.  No matter the situation, I push myself to ensure everyone is relaxed, feeling beautiful, and confident—especially the bride.

Once the bride is completed, I work with the bridesmaids on their looks.  With each one, I discuss what they are comfortable with, what kind of makeup they usually wear, and the overall look the bride is envisioning.  From their answers, we cultivate their perfect look.  There is a rhythm that sets in when I’m working, and before I know it, I’m finishing up the last bridesmaid.  I want so badly for everyone to love their look that it causes me to get butterflies before I show them their completed face.  I love seeing the joy on their faces when they see themselves, especially all put-together with hair and makeup done, dresses and all.  This is when I breathe.  Before I wrap up, I retouch the bride and any of the girls who need it.  That morning, they usually partake in a great breakfast and beverages, and I don’t want them to worry about not eating or drinking because their lipstick might smudge!  Once everyone is completed and happy, I pack up my supplies and give the bride a hug.  I remind her how beautiful she is, and how in a few hours, she’ll be a Mrs.!  I also remind her to take time to look around and soak in the joy and action of the reception – it often goes too fast.

I lug my gear back to the car and thank God that all went well.  I smile at myself because I know how happy the bride was and I feel so grateful to have been included on such an important day.  The girls were so fun to be around and I really can’t believe this is my life and that I get to call something I love doing my “job”.   I realize that I have gained another friend, and I am so blessed.  Once I sit in my car, I realize my back hurts, my feet hurt, and my whole body is exhausted.  Realizing it is way past lunchtime, I open one of my protein bars and head home (unless I’m off to a bridal makeup trial or engagement session), knowing I’ll organize and restock all of my supplies that night to get ready to do it all again.

BB here…

See!  I told you it was way more than just putting some makeup on your face!  Your MUA cares about a lot more than just your foundation and mascara.  Mandy, thanks so much for this BTS look at your life on a wedding day!  Now go take a nap or something…you deserve it!