Ask Burgh Brides: June

I'm loving all of the great questions that have been submitted to Ask Burgh Brides so far!  This month's question comes to you from a soon-to-be Pittsburgher who is wondering when to book her reception venue.  She writes…

“I was wondering how quickly venues book in Pittsburgh.  I just got engaged and I am moving to Pittsburgh at the beginning of June.  Since Pittsburgh will be our new home we decided, it would be the best place to get married.  However, I am not too familiar with wedding planning in the area!”

First of all, let me tell you how happy I am that you've decided to tie the knot in the Burgh!  Not too long ago, my friends at Modern Era Weddings wrote a blog post on the top five reasons to get married in Pittsburgh and it's AWESOME!  From lower costs to spectacular views to crazy unique venues, the Pittsburgh wedding scene is popping.  And no wonder.  We're pretty sweet.

But speaking of venues, most sources advise booking yours at least a year prior to your wedding date.  However, I think this could be a bit flexible, depending on a few things:

  • The time of the year.  May through October marks “wedding season”.  This is when most venues and vendors are booked solid.  If you're open to getting married in the “off season,” say in January, you may have a better chance of securing your choice venue with less notice.
  • The day of the week.  Obviously, Saturday is the most popular day for weddings.  Friday is a close second.  Opt for a Sunday or even a Thursday wedding and there will be more openings for you to choose from.
  • The popularity of the venue.  Places like the Carnegie Museum, the Heinz History Center, the Pittsburgh Opera, and other wedding reception hot spots book up quickly, sometimes even more than a year in advance.  If you don't have quite that long, try looking for a new, not-yet-heard-of-by-everyone venue.  If not much word about a place has gotten out yet, the chance of them having some openings is higher.  Similarly, try searching for non-traditional venues, which are more likely to have some free weekends.  A private residence, a restaurant, or even a park pavilion can easily be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue with just a little TLC.
  • How far you're willing to travel.  Go outside the city a little bit and you'll increase your chances of finding a venue that doesn't fill up quite as quickly.  Plus, weddings outside downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods tend to be less expensive all around.

Readers, what do you think?  How far in advance did you book your venue?  Comment below and help a fellow Burgh Bride out!

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