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When I saw this one in my inbox, I thought, “Wow, what a great question!”  Seriously.  How has no one asked this yet?

Ask Burgh Brides: What are some fun wedding-morning activities for guys?

Let's be honest…while it takes hoooourrrrsss for the bride and her ladies to get wedding-ready, the gents can be dressed and out the door in under 30.  This means they usually have a lot of time to kill the morning of the the wedding.  Susan Stefko recently had a client ask her for some suggestions on what the guys can do to entertain themselves until it's go time and she brought the question to me.  An obvious answer is a golf game…but this groom isn't into the sport (plus it takes forever).   So what else is there?  I came up with a few fun options!

  • Head to the Strip District for a tour of the Wigle Whiskey Distillery (includes tasting!)
  • While you're in the Strip, grab a big brunch at Pamela's and then hit up one of the many flower markets for some fresh blooms for your bride.  Have the best man deliver them to her hotel room in your honor.  Brownie.  Points.
  • Go from lumbersexual to smooth as a baby's bottom with a straight razor shave.  This throwback isn't offered at too many places, but The Cultural's Elite, a downtown salon and barber shop, is one of them.
  • Find the nearest field and square off against your groomsmen in a friendly game of football.
  • Try to win some honeymoon spending money by hitting the slots or table games at Rivers Casino.
  • Enjoy one of Pittsburgh's best features…the rivers!  Rent some kayaks from Kayak Pittsburgh on the North Shore.  If you prefer to stay dry, pay Golden Triangle Bike Rentals a visit and enjoy the rivers from one of the many trails that run along the shores.
  • Test your marksmanship with some clay shooting.  Seven Springs and Nemacolin Woodlands both offer ranges, as do some other local clubs.
  • Speaking of shooting, how about a paintball match at one of the many places around the city?  The first man out buys the first round of drinks.
  • For a bird's eye view of North Park, try the Go Ape tree top adventure course, which includes zip lining, obstacles, and more.
  • If you like to enjoy a good stogie every now and again, head to one of Pittsburgh's cigar bars – Cioppino, The Cigar Den, or Leaf & Bean, to name a few.

Any other suggestions?  What will your guy and his buddies be doing the morning of your wedding?

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