5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Colors

When planning a wedding, one of the first decisions you’ll make is to nail down your wedding colors.  But it’s not as easy as you might think.  You could keep it simple and just choose your two favorite hues.  But I think there should actually be some thought behind this decision.  My advice?  Consider these five things before finalizing the color palette for your big day!

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Colors from Burgh Brides

Your Venue
This is HUGE!  Take a good look around your venue.  Note the artwork, upholstery, wall paper, and even the carpet.  Steer clear of any colors that would clash with these.  You want everything to be cohesive.  If your color palette clashes terribly with the décor of the venue, your guests could be left very confused because their eyes won't know where to look.  For example, many hotel ballrooms have colorful carpet with crazy patterns.  I’ve never understood this.  You’d think they’d pick something more neutral to appeal to a wider audience.  But I digress.  If your hotel’s carpet is burgundy and navy blue, a lavender and sage green wedding might look totally out of place.  Consider the overall picture!

The Time of Year
Fall and winter weddings tend to feature darker, richer colors.  Meanwhile in spring and summer, we see pastels and brights.  Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about this but a hot pink palette may seem a bit out of place at a January wedding.  Similarly, you don’t often see black as a main color at June nuptials.  That doesn’t mean you can’t choose unseasonable colors!  I'm just saying that you might want to give some thought to the time of year.

Think about what kind of flowers you’d like to have.  Do those flowers come in the colors you’re considering?  Or would you be open to another accent color for florals?  For example, while a gray and light blue wedding can be beautiful, there really aren’t a ton of blue flowers.  And there certainly aren’t gray flowers.  All white or all pink florals would make for a beautiful pop though!  Don’t even think about asking your florist to dye flowers.  I will literally hurt you.

Skin Tones
As much as I love my sister, I might never forgive her for choosing the palest of pink/nearly nude color for her bridesmaids' dresses.  That shade and my fair skin tone were not friends.  I was practically invisible.  Anyways, think about your potential colors and how each would look in the form of a dress.  Consider these shades and the skin tones of your ladies to ensure that everyone looks and feels their best.

Your Style
How would you describe your wedding?  What is the overall atmosphere and feel you’re trying to create?  Now think about how the answers to those questions connect to color.  If you’re going for casual and playful, lean toward bright, fun, or whimsical shades.  For a timeless, chic affair, opt for a classic neutral, like black or navy, with an accent shade and even a metallic.  Trying to create drama?  Jewel tones are your friend; pastels…not so much.  Think about what vibe you want your wedding to give off and then determine what colors put you in that mind set.

Any other things to consider when choosing wedding colors?  What colors did you select and why?  Did any of the above play any part in your decision?  Comment below!


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