The 1 Thing You Absolutely Must Do During Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception will be a total BLAST!  All of your friends and family will be in the same place at the same time and it's an amazing feeling to know they're all there because of you.  There will be good food, good drinks, and plenty of entertainment.  You'll be partying and dancing with all of your guests and you will literally never want it to end.  BUT there is one thing you absolutely must do during your wedding reception!


It will be really hard to pull yourself away from the party, and I guarantee for a split second, you'll consider not even doing it at all.  But you MUST make time for more portraits at sunset or later!  You'll be tired, you'll be a little drunk, and you'll probably be over smiling for the camera.  But I promise you – remove yourself from the fun for 10, 15, 20 minutes and you will NOT regret it.  How do I know?  These shots right here.

Whether you head out at sunset, otherwise known as golden hour, or opt for night time when the sky is dark blue, the lighting will be absolutely gorgeous!  Your wedding album can thank me later.  But perhaps more important than the stunning images you'll be left with, a quick sunset or night time portrait session will give you some more intimate time with your new husband or wife.  Amid all of the hustle and bustle of the day, those quite moments will be few and far in between.  So if you can gain a few more of them AND get some breath taking images in the process, I'd say it's a total win-win.

Will you be devoting some time during your reception for sunset or night portraits?  Please say yes!

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