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Burgh Brides Vendor Guide Member: Chestnut Ridge Resort Introducing Chestnut Ridge Resort & a Giveaway! - Looking for a wedding venue outside the city that offers luxury, beauty, amenities, AND world class service?  Enter Chestnut Ridge Resort.  A hotel, golf course, spa, conference center, and event venue wrapped into one, Chestnut Ridge is versatile and unique.  Head to the Vendor Guide to read more of what they have to offer! Orrrrr [...]
Sweet Summertime Engagement Session at the Point by Lumin Images Featured on Burgh Brides Sweet Summertime Engagement Session at the Point: Lauren & Chris - This summertime engagement session is bright, sunny, and perfect for a day like today!  Lauren and Chris teamed up with Lumin Images for some e-photos prior to their May 28th wedding.  They headed to the Point to take in some typical Pittsburgh sites, but also a few hidden gems and undiscovered corners of the park.  [...]
The Dreaded Wedding Seating Plan: 8 Tips to Make it Easier from Burgh Brides The Dreaded Wedding Seating Plan: 8 Tips to Make It Easier! - The words “wedding seating plan” can cause brides and grooms to shutter in fear.  The task of placing family members and friends at seats or tables, without causing any discomfort or hurt feelings, can be tough.  But it doesn’t have to be.  I found this method courtesy of Something Turquoise and it is pretty genius.  [...]
Addressing Wedding Invitations: A How To Guide from Inky Agnes & Burgh Brides Addressing Wedding Invitations: A How to Guide from Inky Agnes - Listen, I know nothing about addressing wedding invitations.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I know like 1/87th of what you should know.  But that’s not enough to help you ladies out.  Addressing wedding invitations can be nasty business, which is probably why I hired a calligrapher to do it for me when I got married.  [...]
A Giveaway with Kata Banko Couture & Burgh Brides: Win a Bridal Headpiece! Giveaway: Win a Bridal Headpiece from Kata Banko Couture! - Still looking for that perfect wedding day accessory?  Today is your lucky day because I’ve teamed up with Kata Banko Couture for an incredible giveaway!  One lucky reader will win their choice of one of the beautiful, handmade bridal headpieces shown below.  Colleen of Kata Banko personally designs and crafts each item in her collection, [...]
Shabby Chic Pittsburgh Wedding at Destiny Hill Farm by Lauren Renee Designs Featured on Burgh Brides Shabby Chic Wedding at Destiny Hill Farm: Stacy & Timothy - If there ever was a venue perfectly suited for a shabby chic wedding day, it is Destiny Hill Farm.  It is as if this rustic event space was built just for for Stacy and Timothy’s big day, which was styled with vintage, eclectic inspiration.  After the bride and groom exchanged vows under a pergola decorated [...]
A Burgh Brides Tribute to Dads A Burgh Brides Tribute to Dads - After the Mother’s Day post, I couldn’t forget about a little tribute to dads. Maybe it’s your biological father, or maybe it’s a step-dad, older brother, uncle, cousin, or even a grandpa…whoever played the role of “dad” in your life is someone special.  They’ve watched you grow up, coached your softball team, thought of ways [...]
A (Wedding) Day in the Life of Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry featured on Burgh Brides A (Wedding) Day in the Life of: Pure Beauty Makeup Artistry - Last summer, some of my favorite friends gave you a behind the scenes look at what a day in their life as a wedding vendor looks like.  (To refresh your memory, head here, here, here, here, and here).  Because that series was wildly popular, it’s back!  I’m so excited to team up with five more [...]
Dream Beach Inspired Pittsburgh Wedding at the Fairmont Hotel by Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers Featured on Burgh Brides Dreamy Beach Inspired Wedding at the Fairmont: Jillian & Dan - There is no more tranquil of a place than a white sand beach overlooking a crystal blue body of water.  Maybe that’s why I found this dreamy, beach inspired wedding at the Fairmont to be so perfectly serene. The Outer Banks is a special place for today’s bride and groom.  Jillian and Dan both went [...]
10 Ideas for Something New from Burgh Brides 10 Ideas for Something New - A few weeks ago, I shared my ideas for something old.  Today, I’m giving you a few ways to incorporate something new into your wedding day.  This quarter of the ages-old bridal tradition represents optimism for the future.  Hopefully some of these tokens will bring you good luck in your new life together!  Just about [...]
6 Father/Daughter Dance Ideas from Burgh Brides 6 Father/Daughter Dance Ideas - Still looking for some father/daughter dance ideas?  Girl, I got you covered.  After my mother/son list, you didn’t think I’d forget about you, did you?  The father/daughter dance is one of my favorite moments at a wedding.  There usually isn’t a dry eye in the house as the bride spends a few precious minutes on [...]
Burgh Brides Vendor Guide Member: Levana Melamed Photography Introducing Levana Melamed Photography & A Discount! - The latest talent to join the Burgh Brides Vendor Guide is Levana Melamed Photography!  This Panama-to-Pittsburgh transport has already made a name for herself in the wedding community with her gorgeously lit, breathy, uber romantic images.  Head here to see just what I mean but consider yourself warned: you’ll be swooning in no time. Plus, [...]
A Fresh, Vintage Styled Bridal Shower from All Heart Photo & Video and Soiree by Souleret Featured on Burgh Brides A Fresh, Vintage Styled Bridal Shower - When you’re a engaged lady, it helps to have a friend who is a wedding planner.  You’ll likely get a perfectly styled bridal shower, just like the one Shayne threw for Aimee.  An internship parlayed into a dear friendship between these two women, and Shayne (of Soiree by Souleret fame and a Burgh Brides Vendor [...]
Mingo Creek Park Pittsburgh Engagement Session from La Candella Weddings Featured on Burgh Brides Mingo Creek Park Engagement Session: Lauren & Bobby - Like most of the work from La Candella Weddings, Lauren and Bobby’s engagement session has an ethereal quality to it.  Quiet and woodsy, these images capture the beauty that is Mingo Creek Park while also showcasing the adorable love between this couple.  Although there was potential for a rainy day, the sun ultimately made its [...]
Sunrise Lakeside Pittsburgh Engagement Session from Kristland Lee Photography Featured on Burgh Brides Sunrise Lakeside Engagement Session: Kim & Dante - There are advantages to waking up at the crack of dawn to catch a sunrise.  For one thing, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some really awesome photographs.  Like the ones Kristland Lee took of Kim and Dante during their well-timed engagement session.  Inspired by their love of the outdoors and Dante’s love of fishing, [...]